So that’s why they increased the ERP charges

In a “normal” company, losses will be prominently blared out to the public, informing their shareholders about the current state of the company.

In a “normal” company too, the head honchos will be taken off the post, some even sentenced to prison time if the losses are very huge. Nick Leeson and those Enron execs are just some of the personnel Sarip can think of right now.

But Singapore Inc? Apparently, the move makers seem to escape from the focus of the media. Or its people. After the fracas of the Suzhou “experiment”, we now witnessed that Temasek Holdings made a lost of $8.5 BILLION dollars and Singapore Power a step up further with a loss of $17 BILLION dollars.

It’s funny that these were not reported prominently in the national media. Oh sorry, the main highlight is supposedly the Brazil against kittens match in the stadium which they said will be torn down again and again and again but somehow still stands.

Now, where is the accountability for all of these losses? Is it not part of our money that’s been used to raise these monies?

Oh, but who cares right, because 100,000 people are more concerned about getting ready for the Parade to pat themselves on their back.

Now I am more mad about this than that Saiful bastard. Fuckwits.

National Douche Parade

i can’t understand how “creative” the organizers of the NDP can use that irritating that thing you do song for the publicity commercial that’s been annoying me while waiting for the ever crowded MRT. hellooooo..this is 2008 not 1996. and what has that thing you do has anything to do with national celebration? what did we do??

and don’t get me started on NDP. i incredibly hate that thing. a very bloated party chappati to make excuse the solidarity of the country. blah! and people still complain they cannot get the tickets! oh come on! what is so important about ndp? possibly they think the P is more important than the ND. maybe we should just change the holiday name to just P. can save abit on printing the extra 2 letters. inflation is rising like mad, right?

and speaking of inflation why am i still paying the lift upgrades when my town council has a very bloated extra budget in their coffers? more reason to spit on this ndp. kapala dot lah!

but fuck it, let’s watch some joy division documentary to relieve those bingit feeling.

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

Pulau Sapi – Pulau Manukan – KK

Since there was nothing much to do and with time to spare, we decided to head over to visit the islands in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Saw from the pixs looked macam lawa and the best part it’ll take only 20 minutes from KK. That seems to be the greatest news Sarip’ve heard so far since the previous lawa islands he visited – Pha Ngan, Perhentian, Phi Phi Ley, Tinggi – are all ass killers that requires hours of uncomfortable rides.

Set off point is from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal, further up north the road from Wisma Merdeka. We chose to go to Pulau Sapi and Manukan. Tix costs RM 27 and the boat will only set off once the desired number of people is completed.

Here’s a tip: When entering the island, tell the counter that you are from Messia and the staff will charge you RM 3 for entrance permit instead of RM 10 required for foreigners. Heh heh.

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Whitewater Rafting @ Padas River & Tanjung Aru (Day 6)

Now tell me you go to sabah and kedebak kedebuk and you did not go whitewater rafting at Padas River. FAIL! Heard so much about it so naturally must. go. and. do. it. Nampak sah tak nak kalah nye orang. Haha.

Ok some details. We book the trip via Riverbug. You can book this from your lodge. Fees include transport to and fro, meals and whatever in between. They’ll pick you up around 8 in the morning and muka jangan songeh sangat ‘cos a cameraman will follow you around. [nak promote lagi – they’ll jack up the price for you if you sign up directly with them. sarip can give you discount PLUS get free riverbug tshirt liao!]

Anyways, Padas River is categorized as category 4 river. Looking at the vids, Sarip was thinking betul ke tak betul ni anak nak pergi nih? Macam rabak jer. And the water so coklat, how come dia panggil “whitewater”? But ok lah, buat ajer nak experience.

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