at first, the ban on petrol.

now indonesia is planning to cut gas supplies here.

i’m telling you, they’re targeting this place with whatever means necessary. which i may not have any fault with that. it’s their right. it’s just that after years and years of us snobbishly fucked them up with the mantra of “you need us more than you do because we are more developed than you benuts type”, it’s time for us to really pay the price now. it must come to a point that we must realise that size does matter and we really [really!] depend more to them than they are to us. and whatever advancement in technology we have or the prosperity of the currency, nothing, nothing can beat the power of land, water and other natural resources.

but what are our leaders doing at the moment? well, nothing much except trading insults and curses and whatever else in court. it’s better than celebrity death match, i assume.

or maybe, they can do the pop and lock!


One thought on “gassed

  1. omfg!
    if my eyes pop anymore they’ll be rolling on the floor.
    i didn’t know they’d let the audition get that long. and nigel doing what he did..? priceless!

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