those red plates

i know i should not be doing this…but…

i don’t know the percentages. i don’t know the exact figures. and for all i know, my perception may be wrong.

but from what i ass-u-me, high numbers of weekend car owners pump their petrol in jb. yes? to me it is ok to own a car but those who owns one die die just because everybody does plus nak yek to the max but not enough moolah to get a full plate car and thus have to resort to the weekend one and then mati mati decorate the car like a souped up wrx bedek but then mati mati tops up petrol to jb every few days because tak larat to pay the petrol here and still try to jack up the car at the petrol kiosk so that the fuel tank will be filled up to the brim……………… this what makes me flutter with laughter.

in simple terms……….PADAN MUKA KAU.

tu lah, duit tak cukup tapi still nak bermegah. ah kau, skarang dah tak bleh top up lagi, beban lagi lah…haha.


2 thoughts on “those red plates

  1. mine is red-plate leh. but really its because we cant afford normal plate. we thought travelling on public transport is hard with two small kids.

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