long week ends

1. fishing. an activity sarip can never comprehend. but it does bring a smile or two to actually see abah enjoying what he likes most. and by pure coincidence or not, lots were caught. maybe, he should accompany him more, for the good of father-son relationships.

2. dev got married over the weekend. apparently, sarip was a wee bit nervous prior to the lunch, just hoping that the video montage will be a-ok. from the looks of it, everyone seems ok with it. overall, it was an enjoyable afternoon and after years of us fooling around at work, was nice to see the emotional side of him on stage. all’s well, end’s well.

and sarip just realised he can’t be bothered to bring along his camera much nowadays. the thing is rotting at one side of the room and it is realistically speaking he prefers to have a small compact instead of the current one.

so, any takers?


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