i woke up at 3pm today

it comes to as expected that harold and kumar part 2 may not be as good as the previous one. kal penn seems to have a curse on sequels, if you’ve seen the van wilder series. which leads to this…

gee. that is soooooo anticlimatic.

however, still some funneh parts. bush part was nice. rob gondry was irritatingly good, especially the part when he unfilled the grape jiuce. kool aid! and nph! nph! unicorns! mmmmmmmmmmm. and the maria still looks hawt as evuh.

and ironman was excellent! tony stark was tony stark in the flesh! tight pacing, cool gadgets [dell computers apparently look cool], hot news reporter, pepper potts butt was tight and robert downey jr’s goatee looks like the company’s logo.

sequel definately!


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