i think i’m a jinx to any team that i support. after the “divorce” from watching anything that relates to soccer, i’ve acclimatised myself to watching the nba, even though espn star here in sg serves a pathetic palate of games and what nots. but it’s still ok, there’s still sopcast and you know, you know.

anyways, suns lost to the spurs again. and it’s too painful to see the suns play and struggle after leading games just because 1. steve nash cannot play the full game all the time 2. grant hill can’t shoot threes 3. boris diaw is not consistent and 4. amare stoudemaire can’t defend.

it’s sad after 5 years, this may be the last we’ll see the suns “dynasty” and sports guy bill simmons gave a perfect eulogy to this inevitable demise.

anyways, watching and reading the plots and actions of the current playoffs or the nba in general makes me think soccer, at the current state, a sorry state in comparison. why? for the main reason just because you cannot predict who will genuinely challenge for the title. unlike soccer, where you can blindfold yourself and spin 100 times and still modestly pick out who will win the title, the challenge for the title in the nba is so vast that each day throws a new challenger. it’s a lot more exciting this way don’t you think so?

and why is the level of talent is so vast as compared to the major leagues of soccer? simply the main reason that clubs in the nba have to carefully trade players to build a good team. it’s so unlike soccer where only the richest clubs bullied their way to monopolised their interests – which if you do not realise by now is simply unfair to other clubs who may not be financially affluent.

and the best bit of ’em all, players cannot act prima donna and dump their contracts when a bigger offer comes in. loyalty or not, it sucks to the core looking at soccer players whining this and that and not respecting their contracts simply because they “want to challenge” for titles when it is so apparent their main interest is to only lust after the big paycheck, and let’s not stop on the diving, the cheating, the spitting, the sore losers shouting at the officials and the list goes on.

so yeah, and now i’m just hoping the hornets will kick the spurs out of spite.

and in the continuation of “inspirational” dh/freeride vids…

other than the song, this is one vid that is sungguh oomph!


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