fit but you know it

it’s high time i’ll get The Fit.

“xxxxx I think you should try Wii Fit”
“Are you saying I’m fat?”
“No, i’m just saying….”
(hangs up phone)




at first, the ban on petrol.

now indonesia is planning to cut gas supplies here.

i’m telling you, they’re targeting this place with whatever means necessary. which i may not have any fault with that. it’s their right. it’s just that after years and years of us snobbishly fucked them up with the mantra of “you need us more than you do because we are more developed than you benuts type”, it’s time for us to really pay the price now. it must come to a point that we must realise that size does matter and we really [really!] depend more to them than they are to us. and whatever advancement in technology we have or the prosperity of the currency, nothing, nothing can beat the power of land, water and other natural resources.

but what are our leaders doing at the moment? well, nothing much except trading insults and curses and whatever else in court. it’s better than celebrity death match, i assume.

or maybe, they can do the pop and lock!

those red plates

i know i should not be doing this…but…

i don’t know the percentages. i don’t know the exact figures. and for all i know, my perception may be wrong.

but from what i ass-u-me, high numbers of weekend car owners pump their petrol in jb. yes? to me it is ok to own a car but those who owns one die die just because everybody does plus nak yek to the max but not enough moolah to get a full plate car and thus have to resort to the weekend one and then mati mati decorate the car like a souped up wrx bedek but then mati mati tops up petrol to jb every few days because tak larat to pay the petrol here and still try to jack up the car at the petrol kiosk so that the fuel tank will be filled up to the brim……………… this what makes me flutter with laughter.

in simple terms……….PADAN MUKA KAU.

tu lah, duit tak cukup tapi still nak bermegah. ah kau, skarang dah tak bleh top up lagi, beban lagi lah…haha.


singapore is a funneh place.

the new paper [i know, i know] has 2 articles side by side that reflects the contradiction of its current mess.

on page 2 was a report on a mother whose son fractured his leg and sued the school for the incident. her case was dismissed by the court [AG some more liao] and now she has to face bankruptcy charges because she may not be able to pay the damages [with interest some more]. the court ruled that “substantial” manpower was used to deal with the case and thus remuneration has to be made for the time spent on working on it. in other words, i assume it meant that because of this case, other cases cannot be looked at so it means time and money was spent on this when it can be utilised on other issues.

fair enough.

on page 3 shows a report whereby a robbery had taken place in some sort of a posh district. in the report it stated that the police, special forces, gurkhas, special vehicles, the artilleries, james bond, batman, superman, sergeant slaughter and the kitchen sink came out in force to catch……a barefoot burglar. unarmed, petty even.

hmmm. a barefoot burglar in the middle of the afternoon in a posh district and the whole shebang came out in full force, quicker than james lye and wong li lin trying to wink to each other in triple 9.

now let’s see. 1st case. mother. in dire straits. asking for leniency. asking for compensation. case rejected. court asks for damages. reason: case takes up gahmen’s time. now facing bankruptcy.

2nd case. posh district. rich people. 1 burglar. barefoot. middle of the day. league of extra only gentlemen showed up. everything chop chop. burglar caught. SAFE!

now, is it me or does it seem the rich ones get more attention and protection and whatever needs than the rest of us?

my question: will the police react the same way if it were to happen in a lesser posher district? i heard of cases where people called up the for police cases where estranged people are threatening them but they cannot follow up because there is not enough substantial evidence. only when they heard the word “lawyer” then they started to react. weird.