now, which would be better? the golden army or the dark knight?

at this point, i think the dark knight should win just because maggie gyllenhaal is in it. yeah, baby!

anyways, i hope real superheroes board the trains in singapore. had a very bad experience this morning. it’s ironical when the announcer keep blurping “please mind the platform gap” bazillions times, when the operator blindly closed the doors 30 seconds prior opening it. didn’t the operator know it’ll take at least a few minutes for the passengers to board and alight at the same time, in the middle of rush hour? they’re practically hundreds of us trying to mish mash through the crowd and before people can step into and out of the train, the door shuts down, leaving some people sandwiched between the doors!

if you keep telling us to inform the authorities if you see any suspicious person or articles [i terribly hate that on-board video], we will take action if the operators do this again. seems you are more dangerous than the suspected ah beng carrying the big bag in that video.


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