times like these, i always keep reminding myself if i am living in a sane society or otherwise.

i can’t believe they voted fro hrc in majority.

i can’t believe people can still be fooled by middle roadness.

i can’t believe in an age where information is so abundant to be understood, people are fearful for the sake of fear and not wanting to study further.

i can’t believe. and further on.

what is wrong. what is the main argument. what drives them.

i can’t think of more but looking from the outside, i’ve always believed majority do not want change and prefer to be confined in their own shell. this, my friend is the main corruption of the world today. not oil. not rice. not war.

change. people are afraid just simply and it is pitiful to see when things are so abundant and the irony of the present culture.

but let us not assumed this the day to feel neglected.

it was glad today that i stepped onto hmv, after bongs of time spent not toiling around it.

for, it comes to a delightful surprise, hmv actually sells books! since when, i am not certain. but the titles, for the moment me guess, are emotionally delightful. and the price! touching from a distance and the melancholy death of oyster boy – 2 titles! – for 20 bucks! happy camper i am.

but then, if you are still inspired to console me further after hearing the heart-breaking news, you can still get me this, for i can…


06.25.08 my island in the sun…


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