unless you’ve been living on mars, you should’ve heard by now about the gahmen’s report on that msk’s escape. my reaction? it is so astoundingly stupid that the reasons laid out were beyond belief. and for someone who eats on conspiracy theories, something else fishy must’ve happened to msk, else not the excuses and reasonings would have made much more sense.

and someone reflected that he was disappointed towards the opposition who didnot have the wit to question wks. true enough, those guys have to learn to ask better questions in order not to make a fool of themselves. they should’ve learn from talkingcock instead and asked these questions to grill on this incident:-

1. How Come Urinal Got Door One?

2. Did PCK Help MSK?

3. CCTV at Polling Centre, But Not Detention Centre?

4. How Did WKS Escape?

more here.


Read about this from mollymeek – a petition to SBS Transit to bring down TVMobile.

1) TV Mobile on SBS buses intrudes on our right to peace and quiet and should be removed;

2) TV Movile programmes have appalling entertainment value;

3) It is unclear to the public how, if any, revenue from TV Mobile has contributed to keeping bus fares low;

4) Instead, bus fares have been rising steadily,

5) with little signs of service improvements in these areas – A) cleanliness of buses; B) politeness of bus drivers; C) shorter waiting times; D) cost-benefit transparency;

6. We call for a basic commuter’s right: the right to a peaceful bus ride.


The Undersigned


whoa, another petition for the environmental causes.

remember that irritating ad about dove’s “real beauty”? well, apparently, they are themselves destroying THE real beauty. them and many others, lah. but still a small step.

clikky here.


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