biker mat from mars

it has to be confessed the main reason why we went cycling on weekends is because we are bored to death due to the lack of activities. i have begun to hate shopping, movies are getting more expensive [plus we can get free shows!], eating out is a bane fighting against the crowd, the beach is over polluted with malibu wannabees and yeah. there’s not much to do to get your mind and body working on a weekend.

so we made cycling as a conclusion after much persuasion  as you see, sarip’s blind as a bat [?] and thus he cannot differentiate terrains well when he is going at speed. don’t believe him? this is a guy who trips going down the stairs just because he thought that the ground is already leveled. and he has fallen down the stairs of overhead bridges too. now don’t snigger!

so the other day, we head to gangsa trail and the bukit timah mtb nature trail or so it is called. sarip’s to admit he only knew about this place after kepoh-ing to a certain angela’s blog, and it looks “fun”. we set out from bukit panjang and entered the trail via zhenghua park. [now if you are as blur as me navigating the “west side’s” topography, i can’t rem much how to get there, so the only thing that i remembered is that you’ll see an underhead bridge somewhere along the park. i think it’s the bke bridge or something something. this guy i think gave the best direction.] from there you’ll climb up the terrain and after you’ll come to see the entrance to the gangsa trail. from the looks of it, the place looks quite “serene”, not the rancor of atmosphere that i was expecting. we saw a few duuuudes adorned in expensive full face gear and cool-looking techno shinpads with thousand dollar bling bling bikes. [now here’s the confession: the actual fact why sarip suddenly was indulging in this activity was because he’s going pooped in the financial category and thus he thought that cycling won’t cost him a lot of money since, yeah, the trails are mostly free. that’s what he thought. suddenly, the urge to “upkeep” him has been drawing him to the level of mild woodbridgeish calculating his expenses to fulfill his wants.]

but back to the trail. i looked at it and arrogantly sniggered ‘is this it?’ and all the while i didn’t see anyone proceeding down the trail with much enthusiasm, save for a little boy doing his best tony hawk on bike stunt. and so, acting like a john wayne on steroids, with full ego bursting by the seams, i ignored any facts of the world, and just pedaled off. even the two men looked at me and thinking is this boy mad, going straight on without any pre-cautions. and surprisingly, i did not feel any fear at all until……the stupidity in me somehow went to the drop off point. and screeched the bike i did, and the you know where clutching the un-silicon seat with fear. my balls hurt dar dei! holy cow, the mirage apparently worked and this drop off point scared the shit out of me. slowly, i just removed the bike, but with certain percentages of the ego still brewing, i just sidestepped, and drop off from there. and for 3 full minutes the drop was furiously, bumpy? acting as the man i supposedly trying to portray, i braked a little and somehow the vision was working like cyclops taking off his oakleys.

with the bedah wanting to try out the area, and seeing a guy broked his speedometer and with my oh-i-so-malunye-moment, i pestered the bedah to head away from there and head straight on to the whatchamalit chestnut drive/road trail leading towards bukit timah. we took the trail to the left of gangsa, a brownish yellowish trek. again, it looked innocent and deceptive and the call for fast downslopes. ahead there was a guy pushing his bike up. thinking it will not be as manly by stopping and making way, i stubbornly head on full force downwards…..and yes trying to navigate away a small crevice, i dropped head on and the bike flying off, thankfully not hitting the head. the guy looked on and i can feel his snigger towards me. padan muka aku.

eh hold on a second, if i were to trace the full account of the excursion i think it’ll bore you to death. long story short, i fell another time at the chestnut track, the trail leading to belukar trail was rocky, had to climb huge wooden staircases near to senapang link, i went wayward towards the huge water pipes, vision got worst as the specs keeps fogging up and got warnings from a man who said that i might had sickened a 100 year old tree at the visitor centre. oh not to forget i almost got hit on by a huge construction truck because the single minded me refused to give way.

it was a nice day, and yes we will be heading there again. and yes, cik bedah, i will pump my guts to try the jalan asas one.

oh in case you are still interested, a map for you to navigate.

and shite, it’s monday soon.


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