into the wild

at last, finally managed to catch sean penn’s into the wild. typical penn-ish but not overdosed on emo-malt-sugar. and typical of sean penn and eddie vedder combo, the soundtrack carries the emotional parts of the movie.

i am not good in expressing things, but i have to say this show is very absorbing and worth your 2 plus plus hours. it’s based on a true story, depicting the life christopher mccandless who abandoned his possessions, gave his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhiked to Alaska to live in the wilderness. more of his story here.

i do wonder how is it possible for someone to just abandon everything and live in solitary, to explore one’s thoughts and spiritual being. it’s commendable and inspiring, but i guess majority will just judged on the immaturity and selfishness for someone to do just that. i do however, partly, admire the courage for anyone to do such a thing, and yes, i like to live in solitary environments. i don’t talk much in public and rarely mix with society anyway.

anyways, i’m deeply touched by this show, but then emile hirsch seems to be trying to be the poster boy for river phoenix’s angst in motion typecast with this feature and lords of dogtown before this. enough of it already lah, it’s too uncomfortable seeing him trying to inflict pain and misery and what’s right to the screen. hopefully, speed racer will change all that.


One thought on “into the wild

  1. thank you for the link to that christopher mccandless article. i read EVERY page and could never be more enlightened to the life of someone so absorbed in issues of the world. someone who willingly drop everything for a life of solitude.

    kekadang rasa nak buat macam gitu jugak. masuk hutan, dikellingi pepohon hijau… and reflect of my life so far…

    ..cheh! kat sini, masuk macritchie 2 jam aja dah tak tahan.. inikan pula bermingu-minggu? pii daah!

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