PBS, the guys who brought to you sesame street, had produced an excellent documentary focussed on bush’s war. 5 hours of pure program if you, like me, love to indulge on americana politicks.

i know that the issue of 9-11 and the eye-raq war has been playing of to dead – now that everyone is raving about global- warming earth hour day media fest when everyone should have taken notice of it in 1999 but then that was the era of y2k paranoia – but this program dealt so much into the backroom schmooziles and scandalous schemings of the “big” heads at the white house. everyone knows the insipid capability of dubya, but to me the real main culprits of this whole saga has been dick cheney, paul wolfowitz, scooter libby and the devil of them all, don rumsfield.

the program’s not perfect though, as it could have pondered more into the white house administration relationship with the saudi royal family and their greed for eye-raq’s oil, but then i think Fahrenheit 911 had covered it, albeit bashfully.

good times.


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