my favourite pastime is quitting. and ye, i declare that i have given up hope on watching soccer, or in singapore context – just the epl.

actually, the interest had fallen wayward since last dec, but after taking a *glimpse* of yesterday’s match, the feeling’s mutual lah. at least i can save myself from the horrible sight of dirk kuyt looking like that monster-man in goonies. at least, i don’t have to calm myself of seeing thin, lanky pool defenders causing a mess. at least i can save myself from expecting a one dimensional whack as hard as you can shot from the *captain*.

and of course, at least i can help myself from the hurt seeing the most influential player in didi hamann playing for another team, albeit albeit. [hamann sold because to let sissoko play more? biggest joke in the world.]

and most of all, at least i won’t be a fucken slave to the tv companies who keeps on increasing cable charges, making a new channel just to dedicate to the epl, and now the champions league. it’s so stupid, it’s disgusting to see these corporations stealing our money and taking advantage of the situation.

the game itself is being corrupted by these tv money and we unknowingly continue to pay them knowingly the big matches are only being played once every while.

no power to the bullying tactics of the tv companies? simple. just unsubscribe  and we can show them viewers deserve better.

it’s easier if you’re a pool fan too…


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