pitter patter goes my heart

“Apa ini semua?!”

1. i hope i am not the only one who felt it’s a bit off for bss’ gig yesterday to be held in esplanade. for the upteenth time, i’ve never like the venue. it’s too prim and proper with too much air and shitty seats. and most will just be too cool for school and just sat on their seats, as if watching a theater. even kevin drew was a bit surprised for them to be playing in such a place. i still miss harbour pavillion.

2. because of the atmosphere, i didn’t feel feel that much throughout the show. somehow, i felt like an idiot standing up when everyone was gangsta sitting daun and fearing for my life paranoid-ing the guy behind me pushing me off the ledge. and i don’t know if you realised it or not, kevin drew was trying as much as possible for the people in the above tier to come alive.

3. it was a very nice surprise that the show was almost pushing to 2 1/2 hours.

4. the people who bought the most expensive tixs? [haha!] suckers! the ones who bought the cheapest? blardy hell. grrr.

5. maybe the next time i can put some johnny in the evian bottle.

6. actually, i loved the comedy skits more than anything.

“….and introducing our latest member who could not make it…Mas Elamat Bin Kastari!”

“…but i only knew you forgot it in people.”
but, but what about the 5 albums we made after that? you know, the techno and raggae stuff?”
“…it was ok, but i still only like you forgot it in people.”

“where’s feist? where’s feist?!”
“come on everybody! 1, 2, 3, 4…”

the part when the spotlight came on to intro andrew when normally he’ll just stub out the cigarette to cue who’s next.

the part when kevin said that he can only take certain cigarettes and fearing coming to singapore and then going to jail for bringing in drugs.

when they introduced the sound guru with the drumroll.

when kevin drew forgot the chords and admitting he does not know how to play as it was too long.

brandon channing prancing like a goofy boy.

kevin drew running along the aisle ala richard simmons.

7. best moment [actually]: when ibi dreams of a pavement came out and yours truly clapped till his hands felt numbed. lover’s spit was not expected to play, was a nice surprise though.

8. most disappointing: when shoreline came on. that pinoy was an utter downer lah.

9. most tak boleh angkat moment: the videocam batt died after 2 minutes. cockanathan!

10. best joke of the day: the crazy crowd at the IT fair.


well the show must go on. sunburst and the rest of mosaic will be definately put off, but at least there’s stereophonics playing april 28th. ah, the poly days.

the rakes? nyet, sarip only knows hedi slimane’s likes them.


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