predictably irrational

everyone suffers from the mantra of “keeping your options open”. people said it is good to have more options, just because…but nobody knows why it is so and never realise the impact it will affect on our daily lives.

a very interesting article from the nytimes reported on this based on a study at m.i.t. they developed a game whereby the players have to click on a door within 100 clicks to receive as many points as possible. as each player went through the 100 allotted clicks, he could switch rooms to search for higher payoffs, but each switch used up a click to open the new door. the best strategy was to quickly check out the three rooms and settle in the one with the highest rewards. the catch comes in when a new feature comes into the game when doors will start to shrink if they clicked on other doors. the research shows that the players tend to hang on to the disappearing doors, just because they want to have more options to hang on to.


you can play the game here.

i think i am the worst example to parlay this message. i tend to hang on to clothes that are almost a decade and a half old, just because at the back of my mind says this may come in handy sometime. i tend to brood and calculate if this is better than that. i sometimes have so many options to evaluate that by the time i’m done with assessing all of them, i’m too exhausted to choose that i will just take the one that responds first, even knowingly so it is a bad choice.

well, now we know.


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