PBS, the guys who brought to you sesame street, had produced an excellent documentary focussed on bush’s war. 5 hours of pure program if you, like me, love to indulge on americana politicks.

i know that the issue of 9-11 and the eye-raq war has been playing of to dead – now that everyone is raving about global- warming earth hour day media fest when everyone should have taken notice of it in 1999 but then that was the era of y2k paranoia – but this program dealt so much into the backroom schmooziles and scandalous schemings of the “big” heads at the white house. everyone knows the insipid capability of dubya, but to me the real main culprits of this whole saga has been dick cheney, paul wolfowitz, scooter libby and the devil of them all, don rumsfield.

the program’s not perfect though, as it could have pondered more into the white house administration relationship with the saudi royal family and their greed for eye-raq’s oil, but then i think Fahrenheit 911 had covered it, albeit bashfully.

good times.

the pursuit of selamat

in increasing the efforts to contribute to national security, a group of middle-aged youths set out to pulau ubin to find the elusive mas selamat. even though news had came in that mr selamat’s kaki has been caught, efforts have not deteriorated to capture him.

the group set out to meet early morning one saturday. but, as should have been known, mas slamat powers to be had converted the time to waktu indonesia barat. thus one of the members a certain mr sarip dol arrived too late to enjoy his mas saujana nasi lemak whom his father said is much much better than the international nasi lemak stall whom till this day still remains a mystery why the queue is so long like that.

mr sarip said that for all of his 30 years of existence he has never set foot on ubin. but he responded that that will not deter him from protecting his countreh.

and it was a pleasant surprise for him to note that he liked the surroundings of P.U. even after stories after stories he heard of P.U. as a haven for the cik flying fatimahs, especially about a group who went to ubin to camp but somehow mysteriously did not bring THE tent and had to sleep under a tree where ms heidi glum made an appearance.

the search started off by cycling towards chek jawa. but apparently, navigation was actually quite bad, and instead of the intended place, the team ventured out ubin river where they met a suspicious ang-mohish looking man sitting alone with binoculars. The team was suspicious and made contact with him for questioning.


The team was disappointed though thinking they may found a lead to mas selamat, but instead was told by the man he was actually looking at some otters on the other side of the water.

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my favourite pastime is quitting. and ye, i declare that i have given up hope on watching soccer, or in singapore context – just the epl.

actually, the interest had fallen wayward since last dec, but after taking a *glimpse* of yesterday’s match, the feeling’s mutual lah. at least i can save myself from the horrible sight of dirk kuyt looking like that monster-man in goonies. at least, i don’t have to calm myself of seeing thin, lanky pool defenders causing a mess. at least i can save myself from expecting a one dimensional whack as hard as you can shot from the *captain*.

and of course, at least i can help myself from the hurt seeing the most influential player in didi hamann playing for another team, albeit albeit. [hamann sold because to let sissoko play more? biggest joke in the world.]

and most of all, at least i won’t be a fucken slave to the tv companies who keeps on increasing cable charges, making a new channel just to dedicate to the epl, and now the champions league. it’s so stupid, it’s disgusting to see these corporations stealing our money and taking advantage of the situation.

the game itself is being corrupted by these tv money and we unknowingly continue to pay them knowingly the big matches are only being played once every while.

no power to the bullying tactics of the tv companies? simple. just unsubscribe  and we can show them viewers deserve better.

it’s easier if you’re a pool fan too…