the great escape

am i the only person who thinks that all public toilets now will be deemed as a highly protected secured place after you know that case thingy?

somehow one wonders what if this event happened before the announcement to hold the rights to host that you know what event.

i think prison break, the great escape, the rock or any other escape from prison shows will be banned, just so it’ll make ’em less “inspired”, no?

how is it possible, that the man, a limping one at that, can escape from a highly secured facility whose organisation prides itself in “we are the reason for the safe environment for you and your family.”

well, i think we “hope” that the people who were supposed to do their jobs will wake up after all these. how many times people had babbled about the “slackness” and “rilek rolek” motley crue in the uniformed groups whose major cred is to angkat buah only?

and the pictures, sort of, proved it.


case no. 1 – the perennial ns man’s favourite moment – looking at college girls while on duty.


case no. 2 – if anything else fails, there is always a gurkha at help.


case no. 3 – after years of training, we still must walk in line for everyone to see even though by doing this way even the space satellite can detect us.

don’t these people ever watch the fugitive? how in the mind numbing sense are they going to detect someone when you have one bee line of mps walk in a single file as if going to the mess canteen to drink milo for supper?

the biggest lesson here? the next time anyone wants to promote the cred of the “we only take the best in the uniformed groups and push them day after day after day after day”, just please stop it. because everyone knows it’s just full of bull whose members are only sitting on bonus pays and thinking on how to spend it.

and please, don’t the media know by now that malays do not have a surname? jeeeze.


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