explosions in the kl sky


“salam untuk semua…kita adalah letupan di langit…”


with tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls, we did not flutter for time stops, along the journey of glittering darkness, we remember a song for our fathers, during the magic hours, while we look into the air, thinking the moon is down…after six days at the bottom of the ocean, we took our first breath after coma, thinking it was yasmin the light, we may have a poor man’s memory, during the magic hours, in the midst of snow and lights..but with your hand in mine, we remembered the only time we were alone, in memorial, so do not greet death, just remember me as a time of day and believe, the earth is not a cold dead place.

1. first breath after coma aka “the baik sial by guy behind me song”

2. welcome, ghosts

3. with tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls, we slept

4. a song for our fathers

5. greet death

6. your hand in mine

7. memorial

8. yasmin the light

9. catastrophe and the cure aka munaf threw the drumstik song

10. the only moment we were alone


nothing much to do thereafter, so at last there was time to head to the sky bridge.


3 thoughts on “explosions in the kl sky

  1. Audio best giler, steady camera nampaknya.

    Too bad my gang semua too steem to take photos sampai hallucinate kucing and blue man group on stage.

    Good times.

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