live for nothing, or die for something

oh yes. sly’s at his best. rambo 4 sheds out every ugly image of the modern man. fuck those metro and uber sexualizations. raw is still the deal.

and by the way, the fireworks yest was the so very the lame. pity those who viwed from the other directions. hah hah!


surely, this has got to be the biggest joke in a very long while. i’ll bet A LOT of people will be jumping up and down at the mention of it. [“whoa boy! i can see them live in a competitive match!”]

now listen. they. are. after. your. money. don’t go into the supporter-die-hard-knucklejob-arguements here. they are just after your money. truly. you are going to pay tons [i’ll assume if accordance to the current rate of premier league tickets plus the currency conversion it’ll be about, erm, 90 dollars for a low end seat?] for a match. and let us not forget about the “hosts” having to pay the endorsement fees, the activation fees, galas, promotions, corporate functions, bla bla bla bla bla.  and we always argue about the rich getting richer but then when these things come aboard a lot of people will jump on the bandwagon and throw the money to them who sometimes sulk because they won’t get a payrise of 50,000 pounds a WEEK, and what good will it do to your “favourite” team having to travel halfway across the world during the busiest period of the season. if you love your team so much, boycott this pronto.

and thus this is the beginning of the end of my fascination with the premier league, not that it will really matter to everyone else in the world. [i’m still hoping others will think the same too, oh bummer.]


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