full of air

yes it’s beautiful. but oh so dangerous.

if parents or any other control freak who blames “condom advertisements located near to schools are bad” or “you are better off to proceed to ITE instead of doing ‘O’ levels because 40% of the cohort will drop off in the polytechnic” type, they should be very, very concern at the manner apple has produced its products lately.

you see parents or any other control freak, you should worry because apple has really put a stamp mark on everything these days as “nothing else matters as long it looks piss ass beautiful”. nothing else. just. make. it. beautiful. no one will care. they’ll just drool at the enthusiasm and all the world’s problem will cease to exist. no function? so what! we don’t need substance these days. we just want style. it is in our nature to potray an image that is more beautiful, er, elegant than anything else. gettit?

so parents, please be worried about these matters. unless you too are swayed by this. but if you are still buoyed by it, you can always get this. beauty is everything, right?


2 thoughts on “full of air

  1. actually kan,
    i’ve been lusting for the panasonic toughbook.

    pasal aku ni maha clumsy.
    bagus benda tu. gedegang gedegung water spills
    and hey! still friendly.

    let’s get me a toughbook!

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