Conspicuous Consumption And The Growth of Human Beings Pameran Style


this topic seems to be said to everyone for ages, but apparently it seems to be more obvious now, aye? sarip’s been guilty, of course, countless of times and he is still trying to find his way around. he feels that it is high time that he should be just be satisfied with what he has now – but let not be deluded that he does not have dreams or aspirations. he still does, but it feels weird to look at people to live to live to the high life with the notion of grabbing the entire population’s attention.

and it could not be more apparent as to what sarip had witnessed over the weekend. watching the majority of the married-to-bes at teh pahm3ran, it was whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boy to the stratosphere. sarip does not like to assume, but the desire of a grandness for one occasion is a bit too much for him to stomach. it was his first visit, and definately will be his last ‘cos he does not like to waste his money on an extravagance like this, be it this is the only day of one’s life to commemorate such an event. he wishes for a simple one where the event is just held in the mosque, some epok epok and right next grab the flight to go travelling.

now that would be something.


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