very che like

whoever wins may not matter much. all seem to have a hidden agenda and “controlled” by certain factions. so yeah. but this obama poster is way off the socks! plus his website is so 2.5 cool! if he does not win, maybe he should be a superfungusmungus art director. or something.


heath ledger ’79 – ’08


gua first time masuk era feeling feeling tahun ’99. being the dumbstrucked ns-man wih not much to do, the obvious destination to dating lating was duh movies. i still remember that, we went to plaza sing and having read about good reviews, we decided to catch 10 things i hate about you.

it was an enjoyable film. particularly when julia stiles read that 10 things note and heath ledger slide down the post to dedicate that song.

i still remember that show very well. i still remember when keegan kang said that both him and mr ledger were classmates. (spin!) i found him in the patriot as the ever faithful son, and i *cringe* at brokeback. oh yes, i am very looking forward to watch him becoming THE joker.

i don’t know him, he does not know me, the world will move on. but in this age where somehow – somehow – movies, music and entertainment had made into part of our lives, evolving us with memories and experiences, i felt sad surrounding news of his death.

but then in the words of patrick verona, “..who needs affection when I have blind hatred?”


yey free movie!

Zeit·geist [tsahyt-gahyst] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation –noun German. the spirit of the time; general trend of thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time.

more here.

**all the papers this morning were reporting fed cuts this, fed cuts that, people are still optimistic for investments to pour in, recession can be twarted, yadda yadda yadda. but after watching this, i strongly believed that it’s all a bloody propaganda. we are all at the knife’s edge of a supreme few. and the best part? we are all dumb enough to fall into this brilliant ploy.

then again, are they themselves producing this show?