ibi asik dreaming of a pavement

sarip loves the mosaic festival. from tortoise to kings of convenience to jose gonzalez to yo la tengo to the album leaf, sarip enjoyed all of those gerek acts.

so it is not surprising that each new year sarip is anticipating what others will the organizers bring in. and lo and behold, the calender is already up on the website.

the acts seem enticing enough. harry connick jr seems decent. actually in my opinion a better soul singer than a certain michael bublek. mum seems nice too even though nothing much has been heard from them recently. and then there’s mr sondre lerche. nice. was disappointed that he did not stop over when he performed in indon last year.

and then there is this.

yes. broken fucking social scene. broken social scene?! kevin, brendan, justin, andrew, emily, leslie?! are they for real?? they better be, ‘cos this is too good to be true. if they can pull this off, my oh my, hats off to them. true class i’ll say.

bring me my 7/4 yo!


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