class of 2007

well, the girl fm yest’s post could’ve learn something or 2 from these fellas. hoozah!

honestly, we don’t mind if the PTC keeps increasing the fare charges without any consultation and review from the public if they apply this to every train.

anyways, chromewaves and muzzleofbees had put up the yearly end-of-year-best-of-the-best list. sarip gotta honest, he didn’t really keep track on moozik much this year, but what the hell, he’ll list some of his own. if interested, go and download here.

the 2007 bias list:-

sarip’s favouritest album of the year:

hands down to iron & wine’s the shepherd’s dog. nothing beats an energetic sam beam after listening to accoustic chords all this while.

sarip’s favouritest song of the year:

panda bear’s bros pipped by feist’s 1234 just because she makes sarip stim kodok.

sarip’s nostalgic songs of the year:

atmosphere and this time tomorrow.

sarip’s idea of downbeat tracks to play all night on a saturday night:

the field’s from here we go sublime.

sarip’s musical inspiration of the year:

the national’s bryan devendorf for his incredible drum play. somehow he looks very john lennon-ish.

sarip’s most meluat gimmick of the year:

the kanye west vs 50 “war” and that this is why i’m hot song

sarip’s first excited then bingit moment of the year:

they are still raving about in rainbows’ brilliance of marketing?!

sarip’s confession of the year:

he really loves umbrella eh eh eh.


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