happiness is changing of names

everyone knows by now about the annuity sc\am brought by our favrit peeps. apparently, they realised that it may not be such a good idea, so some tweaks have to be made.and in the long tradition of our fondness for diplomacy and die-die-must-plan move, they’ve set up a committee to assist the original committee to try and make things bettuh.

and the first of many suggestions by tha committee is ,

Another idea is to rename the scheme from Longevity Insurance to something more positive sounding such as Long-Life Income.

and the response as to why this is neccessary, the response was,

On changing the name of the scheme, Dr Ng said the committee told him that people were uncomfortable with the thought of insuring against a good outcome, which is a long life. Usually, people take out insurance against illnesses, accidents, or death. (link to story)

great. why not all of us are sent to a room and mass hypnotize all of us into believing that a change of name can and WILL make us feel any better. talk about us on the emphasis of being more creative in this nu-age.

but let us look at the brighter side, shall we? based on this, i think i will imagine anything that is ridiculously irritating in my life and change their titles, just because.

for example, i can change the title of going to work as “a sacred journey of my life to infinity”. or the raise of the prices that’s affecting my expenses as “a kind gesture of donation”. or what about the prima-deli incident as just “an asmah laili’s interruption of spiked sambal belachan”.

now everyone, let’s chant and follow along the metronome…



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