taxing taxi

we were at ikea this evening. (finally!) bought the computer table. big item = need transport = no car = cannot take bus/train = need a cab.

seeing that the queue was super-long, i decided to do the mattest thing and stand one corner isaaaaaaaaap rokok and wait to see if the queue will (at least) subside. after mat-ing around, decided to join the q, seemingly certain that it will come to my turn soon.

and wait i did – for almost 45 mins.

the waiting for the cab was not the (most) irritating portion. it was the blatant nature of the cab drivers that is the one impulsing me to stab the drivers in the heart, or put their heads under the wheel and crush them to the smallest atom possible.

the fucking drivers blatantly ignore us standing in the q. with the fucking big green lights signalling their availability, they just sped by and lo and behold will come back to the scene when someone makes a cab booking. not one. not two. not three. i lost count, i am not kidding.

the worst of the lot was this cab (the silver company one) which came in without the on-call siren on, came to the q, actually stopped in front of the passenger, but before the passenger wants to open the door, the fucking driver sped off! holycow! we can only assume that there was someone who is making the advanced booking of that cab for him to attend to.

what the hell is going on nowadays?! are we all so deeply drained to consume money at whatever cost that it even betrays our humanity and sensibility altogether?

i have a suggestion. why not we petitioned to cancel the advanced cab booking altogether? since the cabs will only pick us up after the booking is done, it does not make much of a difference anyway. or, if we were to be more drastic, we can just boycott calling cabs altogether. yes, make a campaign for one day every month that no advanced cab booking whatsoever. let us all rally behind this and shove it to their faces that we don’t deserve this type of treatment.

dig it?


6 thoughts on “taxing taxi

  1. what i normally do is to take down/remember their licenceplate no whenever i can and call the cab co to complain/report..they will call the drivers up abt’s rather mean of me..hah..but it pisses the hell out of me when i need a cab and so many “green-available’ ones just whizz by because they are waiting for an ‘on call’!

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