ibi asik dreaming of a pavement

sarip loves the mosaic festival. from tortoise to kings of convenience to jose gonzalez to yo la tengo to the album leaf, sarip enjoyed all of those gerek acts.

so it is not surprising that each new year sarip is anticipating what others will the organizers bring in. and lo and behold, the calender is already up on the website.

the acts seem enticing enough. harry connick jr seems decent. actually in my opinion a better soul singer than a certain michael bublek. mum seems nice too even though nothing much has been heard from them recently. and then there’s mr sondre lerche. nice. was disappointed that he did not stop over when he performed in indon last year.

and then there is this.

yes. broken fucking social scene. broken social scene?! kevin, brendan, justin, andrew, emily, leslie?! are they for real?? they better be, ‘cos this is too good to be true. if they can pull this off, my oh my, hats off to them. true class i’ll say.

bring me my 7/4 yo!

class of 2007

well, the girl fm yest’s post could’ve learn something or 2 from these fellas. hoozah!

honestly, we don’t mind if the PTC keeps increasing the fare charges without any consultation and review from the public if they apply this to every train.

anyways, chromewaves and muzzleofbees had put up the yearly end-of-year-best-of-the-best list. sarip gotta honest, he didn’t really keep track on moozik much this year, but what the hell, he’ll list some of his own. if interested, go and download here.

the 2007 bias list:-

sarip’s favouritest album of the year:

hands down to iron & wine’s the shepherd’s dog. nothing beats an energetic sam beam after listening to accoustic chords all this while.

sarip’s favouritest song of the year:

panda bear’s bros pipped by feist’s 1234 just because she makes sarip stim kodok.

sarip’s nostalgic songs of the year:

atmosphere and this time tomorrow.

sarip’s idea of downbeat tracks to play all night on a saturday night:

the field’s from here we go sublime.

sarip’s musical inspiration of the year:

the national’s bryan devendorf for his incredible drum play. somehow he looks very john lennon-ish.

sarip’s most meluat gimmick of the year:

the kanye west vs 50 “war” and that this is why i’m hot song

sarip’s first excited then bingit moment of the year:

they are still raving about in rainbows’ brilliance of marketing?!

sarip’s confession of the year:

he really loves umbrella eh eh eh.


maybe pasal dia tak dapat gi tengok konsert mcr, but this sure beats melayutangga.com.


if only, ONLY, she can use this talent when looking for missing taxis.


confirm, taxis will appear on the dot like mushrooms after a rainy day.

just a thought.

happiness is changing of names

everyone knows by now about the annuity sc\am brought by our favrit peeps. apparently, they realised that it may not be such a good idea, so some tweaks have to be made.and in the long tradition of our fondness for diplomacy and die-die-must-plan move, they’ve set up a committee to assist the original committee to try and make things bettuh.

and the first of many suggestions by tha committee is ,

Another idea is to rename the scheme from Longevity Insurance to something more positive sounding such as Long-Life Income.

and the response as to why this is neccessary, the response was,

On changing the name of the scheme, Dr Ng said the committee told him that people were uncomfortable with the thought of insuring against a good outcome, which is a long life. Usually, people take out insurance against illnesses, accidents, or death. (link to story)

great. why not all of us are sent to a room and mass hypnotize all of us into believing that a change of name can and WILL make us feel any better. talk about us on the emphasis of being more creative in this nu-age.

but let us look at the brighter side, shall we? based on this, i think i will imagine anything that is ridiculously irritating in my life and change their titles, just because.

for example, i can change the title of going to work as “a sacred journey of my life to infinity”. or the raise of the prices that’s affecting my expenses as “a kind gesture of donation”. or what about the prima-deli incident as just “an asmah laili’s interruption of spiked sambal belachan”.

now everyone, let’s chant and follow along the metronome…


taxing taxi

we were at ikea this evening. (finally!) bought the computer table. big item = need transport = no car = cannot take bus/train = need a cab.

seeing that the queue was super-long, i decided to do the mattest thing and stand one corner isaaaaaaaaap rokok and wait to see if the queue will (at least) subside. after mat-ing around, decided to join the q, seemingly certain that it will come to my turn soon.

and wait i did – for almost 45 mins.

the waiting for the cab was not the (most) irritating portion. it was the blatant nature of the cab drivers that is the one impulsing me to stab the drivers in the heart, or put their heads under the wheel and crush them to the smallest atom possible.

the fucking drivers blatantly ignore us standing in the q. with the fucking big green lights signalling their availability, they just sped by and lo and behold will come back to the scene when someone makes a cab booking. not one. not two. not three. i lost count, i am not kidding.

the worst of the lot was this cab (the silver company one) which came in without the on-call siren on, came to the q, actually stopped in front of the passenger, but before the passenger wants to open the door, the fucking driver sped off! holycow! we can only assume that there was someone who is making the advanced booking of that cab for him to attend to.

what the hell is going on nowadays?! are we all so deeply drained to consume money at whatever cost that it even betrays our humanity and sensibility altogether?

i have a suggestion. why not we petitioned to cancel the advanced cab booking altogether? since the cabs will only pick us up after the booking is done, it does not make much of a difference anyway. or, if we were to be more drastic, we can just boycott calling cabs altogether. yes, make a campaign for one day every month that no advanced cab booking whatsoever. let us all rally behind this and shove it to their faces that we don’t deserve this type of treatment.

dig it?