deja vu

it seems like everything is coming to one big circle again. enguhland did not qualify and john howard finally got the kick out. it was in the mid-90s that these 2 incidents last happened and time was great before then. not being a superstitious bloke, but it seems to be doing the law of karma here.

ok enough about nonsensical news. i was a hugely relived man this past week. for, due to naivety and carelessness, i did not change my address and thus was not informed about my in camp training. lo and behold, i was charged with awol and had to face the officers in camp to state my case. i heard from quarters that this was a very serious case and minimum charges were for offenders to be sent to d.b. for at least 3 days. for 2 weeks, i was in a state of disarray thus affecting my performance at the new place. thankfully, due to a very considerate officer, i was let off with a severe warning and nothing else. advise for others: update your particulars religiously and don’t trust to call the duty camp officer to change any particulars.


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