he’s gone all the way to ipswich!


when mirrormask came out 2 years back, sarip was the so very stoked, possibly due to the endless publicity in the anticipation of neil gaiman’s first (major) movie feature. so, it came to a surprise that not much was said upon when stardust came out. the only (relatively) buzz that was heard of is about michelle’s pfeiffer’s comeback, that’s all.

it was not expected much really going to watch this. from the trailer itself, it looks superficial as it seems to parade it’s “bigger” stars more than the movie itself. sarip thoughts were this will just be another platform for most of us to just go with the flow to see familiar faces on the screen.

but boy was he wrong.

from the word go, sarip was hooked the moment ian mckellan’s voice boomed out. his voice is enough to generate attention from there on. anyways without giving the story out, the *show* is about a man living in the town of rural england who fuck up a princess cum slave who happens to live in a *magical* world and bore a son who later on when grown up made a promise to his infatuated love that he’ll collect the star – which was given away by a king who told his sons that whoever can retrieve it will be the heir to the throne – they saw while on a date which by the way had also caught the attention of the 3 witches who needed it to preserve their youth. cut story short, all of them want a piece of claire danes.

anyways, the plot is as fishy as it gets. but that’s not surprising as it’ll be impossible to cram the whole novel into a 2 hour showcase, so let’s not be bothered about that. unlike other “medieval” pieces we seen lately, this one trumps in its sly humour and wit of tongue. ricky gervais was as funny as it gets. peter o’toole was ridiculously subtle but evil in a funny way. the *ghosts* were an excellent crowd pleaser. and everyone will agree robert de niro stole the show. arrrrrrrrr!

the only drawback, and has been noted before, is that the show is trying to cram too much with too many characters at the same time. it feels jumpy and not much depth is being displayed. but the humour and laughs will get by easily for the 2 hours of your time.

neil gaiman is a genius.



2 thoughts on “he’s gone all the way to ipswich!

  1. hai, just dropping by. i watched it when it first came out, thought it some kind of typical fairytale but i end up laughing especially the part robert de niro becomes a hairdresser. hilariousss

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