moving on

so well, i’ve already left the place. even though it’s been only a few months and albeit the many naik darah incidents, i still bring fond memories of that place. definitely gonna miss the bilik abang abang where wak dol and co blabber about their tak-masuk akal jokes. or that baik nak mampus prata shop at tanglin halt. or those cute….anyways 2 things i learnt while wandering there.

1. these mat salleh kids are super sporting. it is not a surprise to find 1 out of every 4 kids to have a cast on their body. the leg, arm, neck you name it. even as young as 5 years old. these kids are game for anything and they are given the freedom by their caretakers to love what they love to do most. possibly money is not an objection for them to pursue their interests, but this is so opposite of our local parents who are so restrictive to their kids in exploring their own expression. and this is what to my belief that what makes a kid more independant and expressive in their latter lives, though there are some drawbacks in that sense. but i believe, kids should be kids and let them roam free and enjoy their surroundings as much as they can. it is the only way for them to learn.

2. unless they are gingers lah. the myth of the ostrasization of gingers are so bloody true. i don’t know what it is, but they are so recluse to themselves. i cannot put a finger on what is the appropriate similarities of a ginger to a local version. but yeah, pity the gingers, please.

and yeah, i guess some of them will not be purely ecstatic with my job hopping. i apologize and am not proud of it. however, i do still aspire of getting paid better and if the opportunity comes, why not? people may ask where is the loyalty and all that but to quote what mr wang said, i’ve to put a stand to myself.

Isn’t this ironic? Minister Lim Swee Say tells you that it is very short-sighted to change jobs for the sake of earning more money. But for years and years, the PAP has been saying that if we don’t pay our ministers the world’s highest ministerial salaries (and give them further increases after that), then they’re all going to run away to join the oh-so-lucrative private sector.

If PAP ministers can’t be expected to serve out of a sense of loyalty to the nation, why would we expect people like Mr Kalaichellvan to serve out of a sense of loyalty to a steak restaurant.

But what do I know. Maybe loyalty to restaurants gets you further than loyalty to the nation these days. See how the Singapore Armed Forces discarded this old soldier (and he isn’t even that old) …

There is an important lesson to learn here, and this is it – Singapore doesn’t really care about you. You have to care about you. And your family.

Next time – if there’s a next time – keep your eyes wide open for a good job opportunity. And as soon as it comes along, hop. Make it an IPPT gold-star award-winning Standing Broad Jump.



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