sensasi’s enemy no. 1

if the repeal377a debate can generate huge sentiments to the general public, may i suggest we do a campaign to repeal anakku bukan anakku or any other sinetron on tv? once 9 pm starts, the irritating theme song (with respects to the initiated) will play over and over and over and over and over and over again. ramlah was transfixed to the goggle box from beginning to the end and (sometimes!) shouts to the tv, displaying angst and other macam-kena-rasuk-entiti. terkejot jang skejap kadang kadang. worse, they repeat the show daily – sometimes up to THREE times a day! please sane people everywhere, lets reject sinetron9pm now!

luckily have internets. so that we can watch pushing daisies on-the-line, though a little weeee bit slow for my own comfort level. but at least it’ll deter me away from the sound of the screams, and especially the theme song.

anyways, upon further reading, pushing daisies is created by the same guy who did wonderfalls, the quirky little piece of nugget that ch5 used to show on sunday mornings (of all the time in the world!) the show is about a pie maker with the ability to bring the dead back to life with a touch, and then kill them forever with another touch. their new lease on life lasts exactly 60 seconds or else someone/thing else in near proximity dies instead. the pie maker uses this ability to work with a private investigator to solve murders and collect the rewards until one day, he ends up bringing his childhood sweetheart, newly murdered, back to life and opts to keep her alive (at someone else’s expense) though they can never touch. ah, isn’t that more interesting than issues like the maid ruling over the landlord’s house and bullying their children?

anyways, if you are keen enough surfthechannel has links to its first 5 episodes. the only gripe is that it. is. freaking. slow. book it!

by the way, i pity the man who was arrested for having sex with the bike. it’s his life, it’s his privacy and he can do anything godamn he wants to. it’s unlike that he’s doing it for the public to see. perhaps he is traumatized of practicing normal, safe sex after watching public announcements like this.

godamn. that is sure one freaking long commercial.


2 thoughts on “sensasi’s enemy no. 1

  1. Oh my freaking Gawd. That is one heck of an annoying video, it’s no wonder he resorted to the bike. Ergh. And mr sarip, i’ll still view magazines differently, especially those indonesians one. LOL.

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