holy days

ah yes. it is that time of the year AGAIN! ho-ho-ho-lidays!

flights have been booked, leave has been checked, destinations have been mapped out and only anticipation is waiting! some tips brought to you by adik ipar muhibbah travel.

want crease free clothes? sarip is always particulah on how he packs his stuffS, thus he finds that this method is particularly useful now. he’s tired of putting all of his clothes in this as it, somehow, constraints the space in his bag. how ironical. anyways, hopefully this thing will help some of you.

nice one.

tired of paper maps? how many times sarip confused himself reading the map upside down and getting lost along the way. well wait no further for technology is here! if you are bringing your ipod along, use this to track and navigate your way through. just make sure teh battery is fully loaded though.

frustrated by that idiot beside you taking all the armspace? do this.

1. Midway through takeoff, recline your seat 2 inches.

2. Slip your elbow into the gap between your neighbor’s seat back and your own.

3. Slowly pivot your arm forward till it dominates the disputed territory.

need some (reliable) guides? sarip loves to go through virtual tourist site to read on further about his destination. funny it seems, but he just does not trust lonely planet and their guides. somehow, those look very superficial and worse, outdated even though the publication date stated otherwise. if you are really keen on getting a guidebook though, let’s go seems decent enough.

ok that’s all for now.

macam nak gi jelajah satu dunia aku nih..padahal, padahal…


2 thoughts on “holy days

  1. Hahah! ya i’ve heard of that trick like some time back. and it does work sometimes coz ur not all alert and ur neighbor can just snatch back at that place.

    One better tip:

    Always ask in advance at the airport when u check in ur luggage whether it wld be a full plane ride. If its not, request for a seat next to u that is empty, and give reason like you need to type on ur laptop.


    I’ve done it more than 10 times and i swear 50 % of the time, i’ll get 2 seats or 3 seats if i’m super lucky.

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