deja vu

it seems like everything is coming to one big circle again. enguhland did not qualify and john howard finally got the kick out. it was in the mid-90s that these 2 incidents last happened and time was great before then. not being a superstitious bloke, but it seems to be doing the law of karma here.

ok enough about nonsensical news. i was a hugely relived man this past week. for, due to naivety and carelessness, i did not change my address and thus was not informed about my in camp training. lo and behold, i was charged with awol and had to face the officers in camp to state my case. i heard from quarters that this was a very serious case and minimum charges were for offenders to be sent to d.b. for at least 3 days. for 2 weeks, i was in a state of disarray thus affecting my performance at the new place. thankfully, due to a very considerate officer, i was let off with a severe warning and nothing else. advise for others: update your particulars religiously and don’t trust to call the duty camp officer to change any particulars.


ayam so ketinggalan zaman kan, but anyway let’s do some peep show before “they” take it down. more here.

is it me or is everyone else saying that if you are interested in getting a car, “die die you better get it by this year cos the coe will go back to its original state again starting from next year” type? really?

if that really happens, then that (new!) jazz model that should come out mid next year have to be still an angan angan factor. bastards.

match day 12: ‘pool vs fulham

match: at last the monkey’s off the back. and at last some sense were made by rafa, albeit (lots) of luck were carried into them. the first half was atrociously bad and not surprisingly it is down to the usual suspect. rafa tried to experiment using riise and aurelio switching positions often in the match and it created disharmony on the left side of the pitch. because of this, the movement off the ball was ridiculously poor and this makes benayoun to be overworked on the right side of the field. only ONE shot was made on target in the first half, crouch unluckily hitting the bar right at the end of the half.

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he’s gone all the way to ipswich!


when mirrormask came out 2 years back, sarip was the so very stoked, possibly due to the endless publicity in the anticipation of neil gaiman’s first (major) movie feature. so, it came to a surprise that not much was said upon when stardust came out. the only (relatively) buzz that was heard of is about michelle’s pfeiffer’s comeback, that’s all.

it was not expected much really going to watch this. from the trailer itself, it looks superficial as it seems to parade it’s “bigger” stars more than the movie itself. sarip thoughts were this will just be another platform for most of us to just go with the flow to see familiar faces on the screen.

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moving on

so well, i’ve already left the place. even though it’s been only a few months and albeit the many naik darah incidents, i still bring fond memories of that place. definitely gonna miss the bilik abang abang where wak dol and co blabber about their tak-masuk akal jokes. or that baik nak mampus prata shop at tanglin halt. or those cute….anyways 2 things i learnt while wandering there.

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The culmination of more than a year spent promoting their hugely successful ‘Takk…’ album around the world, the Icelandic tour was free to all-comers and went largely unannounced. Playing in deserted fish factories, outsider art follies, far-flung community halls, sylvan fields, darkened caves and the hoofprint of Odin’s horse, Sleipnir*, the band reached an entirely new spectrum of the Icelandic population; young and old, ardent and merely quizzical, entirely by word-of-mouth.

Heima is the first chance to see Sigur Rós live on DVD. November 5, 2007. (thanks jo!)

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sensasi’s enemy no. 1

if the repeal377a debate can generate huge sentiments to the general public, may i suggest we do a campaign to repeal anakku bukan anakku or any other sinetron on tv? once 9 pm starts, the irritating theme song (with respects to the initiated) will play over and over and over and over and over and over again. ramlah was transfixed to the goggle box from beginning to the end and (sometimes!) shouts to the tv, displaying angst and other macam-kena-rasuk-entiti. terkejot jang skejap kadang kadang. worse, they repeat the show daily – sometimes up to THREE times a day! please sane people everywhere, lets reject sinetron9pm now!

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hail to the thief

i am not sure about this. either radiohead used to work as brilliant marketing managers or corporations are exploiting on the “indieness” factor of the group. either way, me thinks this is too much. just only recently everyone was swayed into the *revolution* (without noticing the sirens of normal distribution later on), they’ve cropped out another gimmick. this is by far the most blatant ploy to get our money. what’s next? toilet paper rolls with letdown lyrics printed on layer by layer? everybody wants to be paid, but do go slow on these *souveniers*, it’s heartbreaking to be so involved in mass collection for a group that we’ve all grown up with. dig it?

it’ll cost you USD$165 anyway if you are still interested.

weak ends

little india during deepavali season had always attracted sarip. unlike anywhere else, the place during this period of time still revels in its old world charm and identity even though contemporary “attractions” are creeping in. hopefully this will last long enough to evade any influences of the ‘shopping mall’ extravaganzas.


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match day 11: blackburn vs ‘pool


match: another game, another frustrating event for all ‘pool fans. admittedly (most) pool fans were just hoping that ‘pool will keep the unbeaten record in the league against the on form blackburn team. however, as the match wore on, traits of the ‘classic’ ‘pool team was finally let out in full effect – lousy finishing, bad tactics and pure senile riise doing things that’s beyond understanding. ‘pool should’ve won the match, but threw it away again.

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pay slip

more here. for a very limited player that he is, he seems to be earning loads. waaaaaaaaay loads. i can also ram the ball as hard as possible without much direction or spraying wayward crosses across the park. and at least i think i have a better haircut.

truly, a jalanpukimakulah thing.