match day 10: ‘pool vs the arse

match: i still support ‘pool as ever been. for someone to grow up amongst the setan supporters, it is an identity i held close to myself with. but being a so-call-die-hard-supporter, i have to admit some failings and false expectations that befell the club, players and its fans especially. both 3 entities are falling itself short at the moment in expecting the club has a god given right to win everything in sight. cue in proportion: it ain’t gonna happen, aite? when a team is playing negatively almost ALL the time, don’t expect them to win, at all.

yesterday’s match was an eye opener for any fans to see. ‘pool. just. can’t. play. they have honest players, honestly, but possibly in view of the environment in ‘pool itself, they seem to be so blue coloured and direct and one-dimensional in their play. anyone can blame the manager for chopping and changing (even though it is 50% true), but players are to be blamed too. when you see a fullback as inept as riise, you know that ‘pool will never, ever, win the league. when you see your captain keeps running on and on without much purpose, you know something will never be right. and when you see a headless chicken called dirk kuyt, a striker playing on the right flank, you know it’s better to just not hope for much. no complains here, but (most) people expected the arse to give a good footballing spanking to the pool. and it almost did. arse’s goal was a superb one touch counter play football that makes jamie carragher a lump of tard and the arse were unlucky not to grab all 3 points if not for the post or 2 wasted balloned rebound shots.

one thing that can be noted so clearly from this match is the difference in level of fitness between the 2 teams. for a team that emphasises on rotation and “freshness”, the pool players seemed to be very exhausted by the 75th minute wheres the arse who’s team players have been playing week in and week out still looks vibrant to the last minute. surprise?

players: thankfully, rafa had much sense in not putting sissoko. juventus are calling for him, sell him godamnit.

reina: slow

hypia:very slow

carragher: huffing and puffing like a turtle on a heavy lunch. however it’s better this way as he doesn’t have the energy much to shout off his fucking mouth.

riise: dumb senseless ginger. a fugly haircut too.

kuyt: what the fuck was he doing on the right flank?! anyways, another senseless player.

mash: the beast is a, beast? decent enough.

alonso: ok ok ajer.

gerrard: one dimensional speed train waiting to get knocked on to a wall.

voronin: he played?

torres: must’ve regretted joining ‘pool.

crouch: amazingly, best player of the 2nd half.

benayoun: must been confused to the tactics, sometimes right, sometimes left.

arbeloa: what the fuck was rafa doing puttin him on AS A MIDFIELDER?!

match rate: 7/10 (in favor of the arse)

man-of-the-match: cik fabregas


One thought on “match day 10: ‘pool vs the arse

  1. I’m not trying to sound like Sol Campbell in Joe & Co. here but Aresenal played rather well.

    Who would believe that Fabregas was a mere 20-year old; with the way he orchestrated the team?

    And get a replacement for Hyppia. quick. won’t be long before his blunders costs the team. again.

    The way that idiot Jamie Carragher bring ppl down in the box, he’d better watch his a** before he goes down himself.

    Crouch was actually quite dangerous in the box! Whoa!

    But I fear for Arsenal this coming weekend. I saw the wily ol’ fox Fergie at the stands in Anfield. I wonder what he has up his sleeve…

    once again, they may gatecrash Arsenal’s unbeaten run.

    yea. i dislike the devils. period.

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