comedy central


mediacork / gahmen should send someone over to intern with fox news. the level of mediacork’s current comedic level still pales in comparison with foxeeeh creativity.

we must always be the best right? even in the worst of things.

but seriously, al-qaeda causing the wildfires! haha shito! i wonder if osama is building the largest water heater in the world right now that’s causing global warming. no wait! most probably he was the one who invented sars! no wait! someone just concluded that it is not arsene wenger who’s developing those brilliant young kids at arsenal, most probably it’s osama himself! but we doubt it’ll appear in fox news since soccuh ain’t that big enough statewise.

no wait! wait! wait! it gets better! it’s been really concluded that is is osama (really!) who disbanded simply red! most probably the ginger one could not handle enough trauma of having the world’s most wanted man supporting his favourite club. and that being a ginger. but seriously, does anybody knew the other members of simply red?

but we must doubt that osama created this!

oh it’s blasphemous! if not.


3 thoughts on “comedy central

  1. Another case of cynicism. Do you remember that chicken little, the twirt who went around the bard warning that the sky is falling? Why the fear and doubt that terrorism, alqaeda of all, is the cause? Haha, sigh.

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