ping pong playa

this is odd. i’m really glad that ‘pool lost this morning. for what it matters, ending bottom of the group and (hopefully) getting kick out from europe altogether is the best thing to occur thus! leaving ample time and energy to concentrate the domestic league. please!

+ sarip’s favouritest song of the year has been pimped up. this version is super fabber!

+ now who will ever predicted this but robert downey jr as a supahero? not concerned much ’bout the movie but the trailer is mak datok best pasal ada lagu iron man kugiran cik ozzy.

+ and also, i am legend looks like a show when a pursuit of happyness had an illicit affair with 28 days later what with the empty streets of n.y. still, the will ripples with muscles.

+ talking about a pursuit of happyness, my forever qualms of being the richest mat in the kampung has always met variable success. aparently so. but! this article is a good read to. start. all. over. again.

In summation, don’t fall for the schemes or simply try to “look” rich. You can obtain tangible wealth, but it usually requires work, a respect of money, and time. That is what most millionaires do; need I say more.

+ what’s wrong with food nowdays? fried mars lah, fried coke lah and now ramen with ice cream! holy cow! the sight itself can make me puke a gajillion times.

link via boing boing

+ anyway, it’s been fun! fun! fun! during this one week of holidays. no students mean no menyenyeh left right top bottom (!?). and apa lagi, it’s fun and games satu minggu all! kalaulah macam gini all the way, makan ular and everything…


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