lost, again

oh bloody hell.

hamilton lost, raikonnen won. i’ve never been a fan of ferrari, and for kimi to win it by a point is, just depressing. where was he when he was with mclaren? knn.

but for me, the pantomine villian for all this mess to occur and stopped hamilton from creating history is that buffoon of alonso. the biggest ego on the racing track everyone will agree. how could he forced hamilton to oversteer in the first corner of the race, and thus lost his positioning which i believed caused some problems for the car afterwards? what in the world was he thinking?! why can’t the mclaren team just work together and coorperate for goodness sake? everyone thought ron dennis should’ve learnt the lesson of putting super ego drivers after the montoya debacle. you must select only one ‘a’ driver to resolve any conflicts within the team.

and to make things worst, this is the end of the racing season and thus no more paula malai ali talking about cars and nothing else. bummer.

well, i guess the british are in sullen mood right now. hah. after yesterdays rugby lost, now comes this. suay betul.

***update: it’s getting weirder as time goes by. now mclaren are appealing for a bizarre case of inconsistencies made by the williams and bmw team. if it is true, then hamilton will win the title due to the disqualifications of rosberg, heidfeld and kovica. rosberg and hamilton are good buddies and it is rumoured that he may come to mclaren next year to replace baffoonso, and if this is true rosberg might “helped” his friend in winning the title. how bizarre.


2 thoughts on “lost, again

  1. Goodness I really enjoy reading ur take on any sports events be it foorball or race etc.

    Thing is there was supposed to be only 1 ‘a’ driver for maclaren. Who would have expected the rookie to superceed the ego-maniac a.k.a former world champ?

    And I’ve never liked Ferrari. not even when M.Schumi was ard. The 2nd best is the way to go for me.

    Alonso and Hamilton is so like Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa. I see a pattern. here.

  2. well, i dont like schumi at all after wat he did to jacques villeneuve in ’96. that guy’s a crook in my book. ecstasy was when mika overtook him in one of the best moves (EVUH!) in 2001 to win the title.

    anyway, rumours were heard that nico rosberg from bwm will move to mclaren next year. that must be good news as hamilton and rosberg are bosom buddies ala broken mountain.

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