match day 9: ‘pool vs everton

match: ‘pool has always been very poor and negative on their away games. it is still a mystery as to why rafa tends to be so cautious and unimaginative during these games. no team has ever won the premiership if they always start negatively in their away games. prior to this match, they have only won 2 away, albeit against teams who were not on form (villa on the starting day of the season) or sub-standard (sunderland). how in the great vastness of the universe can a team win with both mascherano and the headless chicken of sissoko start a game as the 2 main central midfielders?

predictably, everton was pumped up for the match and as the match bore on, it was evident as to why the toffes were proceeding well. ‘pool was playing in a 4-4-2 formation with gerard “supposedly” playing on the right. however, he seems to be playing for his own better sake and regularly abandons his responsibility of protecting his position and prefers to go centre stage. because of this, lescott was given room time and time again to roam forward and voronin, for reasons unknown, repeatedly tracks back to defend thus stopping any focal point of attack. i think this is one of the reasons why rafa substituted him as it seems evident that gerard was playing for his own game and not for the team. and how many times had we seen that gerard has been trying to mindfuck the referee to give him ridiculous advantages. if it was not for a freekick, he will try his best to win a penalty and he succeeded so in doing it today, again.

anyways, it was a dubious and lackluster match with ‘pool undeservedly winning the match via 2 penalties and were very lucky to escape from having a penalty against them in the last minute. the ref is definately a red.


lucas leiva looked decent enough with a good touch and vision. (6)

babel was positive but he tends to track back and undecisive in his actions. he looked too one dimensional but he must be given more time to play. he is much better on the right side of attack than on the left but obviously rafa will not take notice of this. i think it is a big mistake for him to come to pool and shou;d’ve gone to arsenal as his talent and style of play is not being suited to rafa’s bewildering game plan.(6)

hypia looks weird having scored that superb piece of goal. he gallops like a horse on steroids. in other words, he cannot play in the highest level anymore, not in this team anyway. (5)

carragher was his usual selve making a big mess of everything and not shutting his fucking big mouth regularly. lucky not to be sent off for pulling down lescott. (5)

riise is possibly losing his brain for another mind numbing game. he could’ve won the game in the later stages of the game after babel had cut the ball for him. instead of placing his shot, riise being a riise, went for a brainless powerful shot that skied into the air. he needs brain surgery i think. (4)

gerard. cheating his way to glory. ’nuff said. (5)

kuyt looks like a spring chicken but with a bland taste. looks cool enough to score both penalties however. however, he looks too rushed whenever he is on the ball. (6)

voronin however looks too cool when he is on the ball but really lacks a killer instinct. must be the ponytail methinks. (6)

benayoun (6) was unlucky to be cut off from the game and mash (6) look decent enough and as always finnan looks reliable and irish. heh. (6)

sissoko (1) must not be put on the field until he learns how to pass, control, trap and a decent human brain to play the ball. a huge liability to the team where he tends to lose the ball endlessly. and this is the current stigma for ‘pool. they need more footballers with a brain, not athletes who relied heavily on brawn and one dimensional thinking. i hope this gets through to their fans.

match rate: 3/10

man of the match: mark clattenburg (10), the referee, for screwing up everything.


One thought on “match day 9: ‘pool vs everton

  1. The game could have been a draw.

    Niwae, I need to listen to Glenn Ong kena lambast by the L’pool fans on air tomorrow. I dunno if you hear him on air last Fri…

    I may be an Arsenal fan, but him being as fellow Gunners fan… man! macam malu pon ader…

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