the new indulgence


new fetish for the moment. chkkit out at band of outsiders. oh the ties!

as told before, control the sort-of-but-beautiful biopic of ian curtis is ahhhhouuut. god knows when they’ll screen it here. and not surprisingly, joy division t shirts are sold out like, everywhere. by the way, courtesy of cik ainah, here’s the soundtrax for you kids out there. except for the appearence of killers doing shadowplay (of all things), it is what you’d expect of greatness from an epic like this. this is trainspotting 2007. in the oh-blardy-fool-it-is-so cool thing.

and yes thoughts for those who lost their family members in vietnam. only problem is i can just visualise we’ll have to detour to somewhere else.

AND by the way, i’ve succumbed to this.

Aidil Ism's Facebook profile

*stoops head in shame*


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