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ST Oct 2, 2007
Rid Orchard Road of beggars and hawkers

ONE cannot help but notice an increasing number of people begging for money and selling tissue paper along Orchard Road.

Also on the rise are illegal hawkers at places such as outside Orchard and Somerset MRT stations, selling anything from mobile-phone covers to roasted chestnuts.

I urge the authorities to take action against this group of people, as they are giving a bad image to spanking clean Orchard Road.

This is especially so as Orchard Road is a major tourist attraction and we wouldn’t want tourists and foreigners alike to bring home an image of Orchard Road riddled with sidewalk beggars and illegal hawkers.

Nuryusman Mohamed Ibrahim

something is telling me this mr nuryusman is an elitist yang tak menjadi and most probably very interested at those cars at the bazaars whose scheme of no downpayment hurrah is such a ripoff and loves to pop his polo collars up to look oh so cool ala frat boy basi.

selat hari rayer cik nuryusman…


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