take-away shows

beirut – nantes (download)

if you think radiohead’s method of bypassing labels as “revolutionary”, sarip thinks take-away shows are the epitome of “anti-promo”. and those vincent moon videos, as ever, are so highly accentuated with subtle colors it makes for wonderful art pieces to hang on the wall. frame by frame. enjoi kids.


note: raw indigo denim NOT on sale. dayum!

match day 10: ‘pool vs the arse

match: i still support ‘pool as ever been. for someone to grow up amongst the setan supporters, it is an identity i held close to myself with. but being a so-call-die-hard-supporter, i have to admit some failings and false expectations that befell the club, players and its fans especially. both 3 entities are falling itself short at the moment in expecting the club has a god given right to win everything in sight. cue in proportion: it ain’t gonna happen, aite? when a team is playing negatively almost ALL the time, don’t expect them to win, at all.

yesterday’s match was an eye opener for any fans to see. ‘pool. just. can’t. play. they have honest players, honestly, but possibly in view of the environment in ‘pool itself, they seem to be so blue coloured and direct and one-dimensional in their play. anyone can blame the manager for chopping and changing (even though it is 50% true), but players are to be blamed too. when you see a fullback as inept as riise, you know that ‘pool will never, ever, win the league. when you see your captain keeps running on and on without much purpose, you know something will never be right. and when you see a headless chicken called dirk kuyt, a striker playing on the right flank, you know it’s better to just not hope for much. no complains here, but (most) people expected the arse to give a good footballing spanking to the pool. and it almost did. arse’s goal was a superb one touch counter play football that makes jamie carragher a lump of tard and the arse were unlucky not to grab all 3 points if not for the post or 2 wasted balloned rebound shots.

one thing that can be noted so clearly from this match is the difference in level of fitness between the 2 teams. for a team that emphasises on rotation and “freshness”, the pool players seemed to be very exhausted by the 75th minute wheres the arse who’s team players have been playing week in and week out still looks vibrant to the last minute. surprise?

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overheard on warna this morning

“siapakah angkasawan pertama malaysia?”

“dr. sheikh?”

“bukan. ayah pin.”

at least dia bukan tourist.

but best commented (so far)

Apparently the Malaysians have a real talent for being astronauts, since they’re really good at taking up space.

no offense, but that’s (very) fuhneh. oh light up a bit!

comedy central


mediacork / gahmen should send someone over to intern with fox news. the level of mediacork’s current comedic level still pales in comparison with foxeeeh creativity.

we must always be the best right? even in the worst of things.

but seriously, al-qaeda causing the wildfires! haha shito! i wonder if osama is building the largest water heater in the world right now that’s causing global warming. no wait! most probably he was the one who invented sars! no wait! someone just concluded that it is not arsene wenger who’s developing those brilliant young kids at arsenal, most probably it’s osama himself! but we doubt it’ll appear in fox news since soccuh ain’t that big enough statewise.

no wait! wait! wait! it gets better! it’s been really concluded that is is osama (really!) who disbanded simply red! most probably the ginger one could not handle enough trauma of having the world’s most wanted man supporting his favourite club. and that being a ginger. but seriously, does anybody knew the other members of simply red?

but we must doubt that osama created this!

oh it’s blasphemous! if not.

ping pong playa

this is odd. i’m really glad that ‘pool lost this morning. for what it matters, ending bottom of the group and (hopefully) getting kick out from europe altogether is the best thing to occur thus! leaving ample time and energy to concentrate the domestic league. please!

+ sarip’s favouritest song of the year has been pimped up. this version is super fabber!

+ now who will ever predicted this but robert downey jr as a supahero? not concerned much ’bout the movie but the trailer is mak datok best pasal ada lagu iron man kugiran cik ozzy.

+ and also, i am legend looks like a show when a pursuit of happyness had an illicit affair with 28 days later what with the empty streets of n.y. still, the will ripples with muscles.

+ talking about a pursuit of happyness, my forever qualms of being the richest mat in the kampung has always met variable success. aparently so. but! this article is a good read to. start. all. over. again.

In summation, don’t fall for the schemes or simply try to “look” rich. You can obtain tangible wealth, but it usually requires work, a respect of money, and time. That is what most millionaires do; need I say more.

+ what’s wrong with food nowdays? fried mars lah, fried coke lah and now ramen with ice cream! holy cow! the sight itself can make me puke a gajillion times.

link via boing boing

+ anyway, it’s been fun! fun! fun! during this one week of holidays. no students mean no menyenyeh left right top bottom (!?). and apa lagi, it’s fun and games satu minggu all! kalaulah macam gini all the way, makan ular and everything…

hari ini di parlimen

menteri angkat menteri, encik tak boleh tah an, pada hari ini telah mengulaskan bahawa penal kod tiga tiga tuju A akan tetap dijalankan di singa pura pura memandangkan imej negara ini mungkin dicemari. beliau menyatakan bahawasanya jikalau pemerintah tidak menjalankan lagi kod tiga tiga tuju, singa pura pura mungkin akan menghadapi tekanan ekonomi yang lebih buruk kerana ramai lelaki tidak akan kawin dan terus asik nak main dengan kaum sejenis dan sewaktu dengannya. beliau menekankan lagi bahawasanya tindakkan untuk meneruskan rang undang ini adalah untuk kebaikkan moral entiti untuk semua rakyat. beliau runsing jikalau undang ini tidak dijalankan lagi ramai mat rempit tidak akan beli dan repair motor tetapi lebih cenderong memasukki bidang makcik makcik seperti bidang mak andam dan mungkin akan meruntuhkan bisnes fatema mohsin.

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lost, again

oh bloody hell.

hamilton lost, raikonnen won. i’ve never been a fan of ferrari, and for kimi to win it by a point is, just depressing. where was he when he was with mclaren? knn.

but for me, the pantomine villian for all this mess to occur and stopped hamilton from creating history is that buffoon of alonso. the biggest ego on the racing track everyone will agree. how could he forced hamilton to oversteer in the first corner of the race, and thus lost his positioning which i believed caused some problems for the car afterwards? what in the world was he thinking?! why can’t the mclaren team just work together and coorperate for goodness sake? everyone thought ron dennis should’ve learnt the lesson of putting super ego drivers after the montoya debacle. you must select only one ‘a’ driver to resolve any conflicts within the team.

and to make things worst, this is the end of the racing season and thus no more paula malai ali talking about cars and nothing else. bummer.

well, i guess the british are in sullen mood right now. hah. after yesterdays rugby lost, now comes this. suay betul.

***update: it’s getting weirder as time goes by. now mclaren are appealing for a bizarre case of inconsistencies made by the williams and bmw team. if it is true, then hamilton will win the title due to the disqualifications of rosberg, heidfeld and kovica. rosberg and hamilton are good buddies and it is rumoured that he may come to mclaren next year to replace baffoonso, and if this is true rosberg might “helped” his friend in winning the title. how bizarre.

match day 9: ‘pool vs everton

match: ‘pool has always been very poor and negative on their away games. it is still a mystery as to why rafa tends to be so cautious and unimaginative during these games. no team has ever won the premiership if they always start negatively in their away games. prior to this match, they have only won 2 away, albeit against teams who were not on form (villa on the starting day of the season) or sub-standard (sunderland). how in the great vastness of the universe can a team win with both mascherano and the headless chicken of sissoko start a game as the 2 main central midfielders?

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“…she removed the mysterious cloak on arbitrary authority.”


“I cried at the end, when I read it,” Gosling says. “I just thought it was so romantic—the idea that you don’t need to be loved in return in order to love something or someone. Love can come from you. It doesn’t have to be reciprocal. People love their cars. People love all kinds of things, and they really love them. And we don’t really value that kind of love because it’s not a real, reciprocal kind of love, but it’s real love to them.”


that coming from an ex-mouseketeer. i know i should’ve watched more of those sunday morning tv shows to gain “perspective”. as said previously, this guy can do no wrong at the moment. possibly after the invasion of calculator watches, plastic aviators and wooden flat briefcases while wearing close knitted short sleeve gingham shirts, pencil ‘touches and flabby hand knitted sweaters will *possibly* make appearances.

i’m sounding like a fanboy. already.


membaca ulasan dari lelaman encik alex au aka yawning bread mengenai sejarah “melayu” membuatkan sarip terpinga terpinga. jadi, mungkin, barangkali, memang benar jikalau sesiapa itu berteriak yang beliau bukan “melayu” tetapi satu setengah arab, tiga suku bugis, kosong perpuluhan lima peratus cina dan yang selebihnya void deck.

jadi begini sarip hendak dikategorikan sebagaimana? kerana sebelah bapak dia orang arab dari yemen yang kawin dengan orang bugis lepas tuh entah bagaimana boleh didalamkan dengan kaum baba dan ibunya pula adalah keturunan dari kaum banjar yang asal usulnya dari kumpulan dayak yang datang dari kaum puak dari taiwan yang kebetulan sama suku kaum dengan “penyanyi” sensasi a*mei? how like that?

“what your race sir?”
“i don’t know. maybe just put arab plus a*mei kind.”

jadi, adakah nama “melayu” hanya dikategorikan kerana untuk ulasan politik sahaja? seperti yang dimaklumkan oleh encik au sendiri:-

…this article contests the way the term “Malay” tends to be used. I think he’s basically saying that it’s being used for political purposes, and as such, is often riddled by inconsistencies…ultimately, this piece isn’t about the history of Malays, but is better categorised as part of Malaysian political debate. It questions the claims to historical legitimacy by various actors…

jikalau kita ulangkaji kembali mungkin ada pada satu hari pengiktirafan untuk meletak nama melayu dijalankan sahaja untuk meringankan beban poltikisima. mungkin betul, mungkin tidak. tapi, siapakah yang harus disalahkan? orang british pabila mereka menjajah tanah ini? para ahli politik pada tahun 1960an? internet yang bikinkan orang makin pening pasal sejarah? ataupun orang kita sendiri yang macam tak kuasa kot nak bentangkan sejarah sendiri jadi nama bumiputera tidak senang wenang boleh diturunkan jadi pada suatu hari mereka boleh berbangga pada diri sendiri boleh bayar 30 juta untuk hantar satu mat pergi melancong ke angkasa untuk membuat eksperiment pasal teh tarik?

ok, ok skarang jikalau kamu bermati-matian berlaksmana yang kamu bukan “melayu” tapi sudah mendapat pengajian percuma sarip akan tunduk kepala. pasal, sekurang kurangnya benar pandangan kamu. cuma apa sarip yang tidak boleh angkat jikalau slang kamu tuh ada tweak sikit macam mat salleh terpelecok dan nama ada sikit gubahan ikut edaran masakini.

tekno, hello!

hot damn!

tapi ni tahun nye joukaaahhouuut cam *menarik* gituh. gilles peterson sama armin van buuren ada oiiii…


baru habes posa. tapi nak gi nih joookeout cam sikit paiseh lah. badan dah lah gedebeh, nanti kang joget macam terhincut hincut. how like dat…

lain lah kalu orang sejambu cam sidinih

skarang baru aku tau apasal dari dulu aku suka tengok berita. kalau dulu tercongak tonton lynette tye lepas tuh lorraine hahn lepas tuh cheryl fox and now si rita zaharrrrrrrrarrrrrrrrrrr. tapi ni french chick memang win hands down lah.

barangkali studio lighting diaorang memang top notch tuh pasal nampak jambu nak mampus je tak?

under house arrest

eh knn lah ni raya ads. asik asik pull the heartstrings one then make we all feel cam kita orang ni asik asik tak hiraukan si ibu bapa. how can! nanti satu hari i nak demand diaorang terbitkan yang si mak bapak plak yang mintak maaf kat anak anak diaorang, can?

but some of the comments damn funny lah:-

…tiba-tiba anakku bertanya soalan yang sama berulang-ulang kali, demi kasih sayangnya suamiku menghentuk kepala anakku di pangkal pokok durian sambil menjerit histeria “tis is the f***ing burung murai!pegi ambik cangkul korek telinga!”…aku tersenyum melihat telatah mereka…

…Burung apa, bah..?
Tiba-tiba suamiku menjawab, “Ekau ni pokak ko bangang hah!
Dengan amarah suamiku melastik burung itu lalu menjadi lauk burung puyuh.
Semasa makan anakku bertanya lagi,
burung apa, bah?
Burung puyuh nak…”

but damnit lah, dat sudirman song kills me lah…

anyways, the first 2 days of raya dah over (YESSAH!). 2 days of the rocky horror show was re-enacted kat hougang. kids screaming, kids running around, kids crying, kids banging equipment, kids throwing food around, kids banging on my neighbour’s door to scare off the dog, kids crying late into the night, kids this kids that…

oh my. it’s so confirmed i don’t want kids. in. teh. house.

and i suddenly developed this affinity to dishwashing. don’t know why. but it felt good to have the kitchen sink looking clean! and tell me who vacuums the house at 1 in the morning? i hope the neighbours are not sharping their knives now…

anyways, dasar pasal kepandaian aku yang amat sangat, i itched myself to use that super old konica tc-x film MANUAL kahmerah yang didapati di cash converters dengan harga hanya $30 sahaja for the raya pixs. pasal as always nak different. konon-konon nak kool like that lah cam tuh. ah kau, satu gambar pun tak kluar pasal the shutter dia tak bukak kaper. knn betol. so ada satu gambar sajer.

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yeay yeay besok raya!

so pap pup pap pip besok dah raya. betoi nye cepat, baru cam smalam baru start posa teringat pasal singapour kena tremors. mintak mintak posa ni “diiktirafkan”. as always tiap tahun semangat berkobar-kobar nak gi terawih tapi expired lepas dua minggu pasal i ni memang tetap mat geylang kan. so in this past 2 weeks jer i dah pergi, entah lah beberapa kali owedi. jakun nak raya lah kan…sia sia nama i aidil.

ah kang bila kat geylang tuh i adalah observe macam macam. you all asik asik observe perkara tak senonoh, i observe lain. i adalah nampak ni kan apasal lah ramainye orang pakai baju polo yang dia nye logo kuda besar kedebar kat dada tuh. kat bazaar ada sale ke sampai i nampak 7 dari 10 orang pakai benda kapluak tuh. or mungkin i asik ternampak orang sama jer kot…

and another one more thing, i rindu lah itu pasar lama. yang block satu dua tiga. yang tempat baru tuh masih tak hardcore lah. tak stim sangat. takde lorong lorong kecik cari kedai kedai ala stail city of god kat blakang pasar tuh. and i pun musykil apasal air kathirah skarang macam *tak-boleh-make-it-anymore*

tapi tak per. skarang nih nak hujan. mungkin besok pun hujan (yahoo!) misti traffik jam lah, takde tempat letak kreter lah, makcik pakcik satu komplok basah kuyup masuk rumah ngan payung basah basah tak habis habis diaorang swing swing konon konon boleh kering lah. tapi at least sejuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk skits. tak lah berpeloh peloh and tak yah kelam kabuts so i can rilek rolek and makan as many as i mau. only thing, ni tahun baju karer cream. so kena berhati hati sikit. tak glamer kot nanti ngah makan lontong cums sate cums i nye all time favrit si sang lepat campur ngan sambal tumis (adoi!) terjatuh plak kat baju tuh. tak cam tahun lalu jadi barney the dinasour, baju kotor tak obvious sangat kan. tapi takper, misti bleh menten nyer.

ok so besok kena lah gi jengok jengok tuh rumah sumer. and i think they all dah tak akan tanya the same question lagi. i think diaorang will ask, “kalau ko tak kawin, aku tak akan bagi aku nye inheritance!” nye warning pasal rasa i diaorang sumer dah give up kat i. we’ll see how eh. i cuma nak baca majalah gila gila and ujang and enjoi i punya lepat ajer.

and the kids you all jangan ngada ngada kalau uncle dil bagi duit sikit. dah bagus tuh dah dapat. and yang dah tua bangka tak sedar diri masih nak duit raya ah nanti akan diberi ngan sampul surat camnih.


oklah, sampai disini sahaja. pada mereka yang fikir as bulan posa dah bis so bleh gi balik hooray hooray, all the best. pada yang lain, SELAT HARI RAYA MAFS ZAHIR BATS.

and ditujukan lagu ini untuk sumer. slams!

haus kleaning

nota: sapa nak bet dalam 3 tahun ni si angkasawan tuh akan jadi datok nye besar dapat tawaran jadi model zaiton sama tairu majapahit? mak oi, rtm buat dia nya ulasan macam melampau oi..dari pagi sampai tengah malam! agak agak lah sikit kot…kalau nak bangga tak yah lah sampai gituh..satu orang jer pigi..bukan satu negari…

ni tahun, iklan petronas cam tak best sangat lah. apa siot letak cik pon dalam iklan walaupun dia nye mesej memang bagus lah. tapi takper. at least tv3 nye ngan si adibah noor nye oraight sikit.


pada mereka yang ngah kemas sana kemas sini roma lepas tuh mengamuk pasal itu kotoran masih tak hilang hilang walaupun dah berus seratus kali ngan letak klorok sampai 4 baldi….jangan hirau, jangan risau. meh kita gunakan itu cuka untuk bersihkan ni benda sumer..tawakal sajalah eh…

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so, dahbis download? 🙂


jadi tadi pagi sarip dah lah bagi surat tender kat the manager. muka dia bingit macam dendeng dah basi kaper. tapi gua try eksen cool. tapi yang tak dipaham, bila masa orang cakap orang tak boleh clear leave bila ngah taim notice period? setahu gua, bleh per.

tapi tak per. sabar jer lah kan. gua pun dah tak boleh ngam lagi ngan perangai owang owang blitain nih. yek ajer diaorang mentang mentang diaorang owang puteh. diaorang cam fikirkan diaorang nih masih lagi tinggal dalam zaman koloniol siot. yek ajer banyak, tapi buat benda macam tak masuk akal, sepert:-

1. ada satu director nih kita orang adalah bagi dia satu laptop cum docking machine. jadi senang untuk dia gi sana gi sini lah kononkan. so ada satu hari tuh, dia tanya dia boleh bawak balik tak dia nye benda pasal nak buat kerja kat roma. kita orang cakap ‘go ahead’. hari keesokkan nye plak dia berteriak kat kita orang, apasal docking machine dia tak berjalan. dia cakap monitor dia tak betol. nak complen plak tuh. kita orang ada lah bergegas-gegas gi tengok dia sebelum dia jadi mount pinatuboh. skali kapala citot, sampai bilik dia, tengok sana tengok sini, member tak bawak laptop dia kaperrrrr. nak ketawa pun lemah gue.

2. ada lagi satu. sama jalan jugak. dia cakap monitor dia gelap. aku adalah cakap ‘u dah on the power switch?’ dia cakap “OF COURSE I DID!’ gua adalah gi sana tengok kat dia lepas tuh tanya dia, apasal dia nye power cable terlantar atas carpet.

ada banyak lagi beb. ada yang marah marah pasal tak tau camner nak save dia nye document. ada yang marah marah pasal system hang lepas tuh kita kena shut down dia marah pasal dia nye benda blum disave. ada yang marah marah apasal tak dapat network connection lepas tuh tengok diaorang yang cabut sendiri itu network cable. tak sanggup i.

mula mula gua ingat skolah mat salleh ni oraight oraight. skali tengok isyk tak kuasa aku. dah lah kena dilayan macam orang suruhan, diaorang nye step adoiiiii..tak leh angkat beb.

so sapa sapa kan yang satu hari nak keje ngan ni skolah internasional, fikir lah beribu kali. jangan fikirkan nak step kenal kenal cewek cewek mat salleh yang masih muda muda kot…tak berbaloi.

the new indulgence


new fetish for the moment. chkkit out at band of outsiders. oh the ties!

as told before, control the sort-of-but-beautiful biopic of ian curtis is ahhhhouuut. god knows when they’ll screen it here. and not surprisingly, joy division t shirts are sold out like, everywhere. by the way, courtesy of cik ainah, here’s the soundtrax for you kids out there. except for the appearence of killers doing shadowplay (of all things), it is what you’d expect of greatness from an epic like this. this is trainspotting 2007. in the oh-blardy-fool-it-is-so cool thing.

and yes thoughts for those who lost their family members in vietnam. only problem is i can just visualise we’ll have to detour to somewhere else.

AND by the way, i’ve succumbed to this.

Aidil Ism's Facebook profile

*stoops head in shame*

why liverpool will not win the title. again.


1. currently, they have the 2 most slowest central defenders in the league. carragher, though spiritful at times, tend to be slower against nimble attackers and cannot pass the ball properly to save his skin. he tends to hoof the ball into the air all the time and creates little movement for his central midfielders to operate. hypia, meanwhile, is just freaking old and creaking. he can’t win headers anymore, which is to his trait his only decent contribution. he’d lost that however.

2. having a right footed fullback playing leftback is never, ever, a good policy to begin with. arbeloa can play, but is limited because he will cut in to pass the ball whenever he moves forward. this, completely destroys any attacking forays down the left. never ever before a team has won with that kind of player playing as left back. case in point? winterburn, irwin, cole and now evra have been instrumental in protecting the left slot as well as contribution to attack up front.

3. even though they are flourished with central midfielders, benitez cannot make his mind who is his best 2 central pairing. again, all teams who had won the premiership had the intelligence of their best pairings in central midfield to develop understanding and partnership. just look back into the past to see viera and petit, keane and scholes and most recently lampar(d) and makalele.

4. again, no decent left wingers. currently only benayoun make a decent choice for the role of left wing, but as expected he rarely starts a game. bummer.

5. the team depends too much on gerard making him too big of an ego for the team. this is not good as whenever gerard does not play well, others follow suit. he seems to have lost his tenacity and drive and is too one dimensional depending only his hard shots to save his play. either he picks himself up and motivate his team mates or else is better off somewhere else. case in point? look at the teams who shipped out their true marquee players and how the team responded after their departure (henry, keane, cantona). it seems a whole lot of pressure has been lifted from the rest of the team.

6. reina needs to change his jersey number. just a hunch.

7. rafa not chewing more gum and wearing his ugly collection of ties. and please, shave off that goatee.

8. carlsberg is the sponsor. it’s a curse i tell you.

9. voronin needs to cut his ponytail. babel is better at right wing. crouch needs to do his robot dance as a crowd pleaser. and sissoko to don a beard ala osama. riise has the worse haircut, ever. and somebody, anybody please give credit to steve finnan as he is by far the best player (besides torres) at the moment.

10. alex ferguson is still alive.