take-away shows

beirut – nantes (download)

if you think radiohead’s method of bypassing labels as “revolutionary”, sarip thinks take-away shows are the epitome of “anti-promo”. and those vincent moon videos, as ever, are so highly accentuated with subtle colors it makes for wonderful art pieces to hang on the wall. frame by frame. enjoi kids.


note: raw indigo denim NOT on sale. dayum!

match day 10: ‘pool vs the arse

match: i still support ‘pool as ever been. for someone to grow up amongst the setan supporters, it is an identity i held close to myself with. but being a so-call-die-hard-supporter, i have to admit some failings and false expectations that befell the club, players and its fans especially. both 3 entities are falling itself short at the moment in expecting the club has a god given right to win everything in sight. cue in proportion: it ain’t gonna happen, aite? when a team is playing negatively almost ALL the time, don’t expect them to win, at all.

yesterday’s match was an eye opener for any fans to see. ‘pool. just. can’t. play. they have honest players, honestly, but possibly in view of the environment in ‘pool itself, they seem to be so blue coloured and direct and one-dimensional in their play. anyone can blame the manager for chopping and changing (even though it is 50% true), but players are to be blamed too. when you see a fullback as inept as riise, you know that ‘pool will never, ever, win the league. when you see your captain keeps running on and on without much purpose, you know something will never be right. and when you see a headless chicken called dirk kuyt, a striker playing on the right flank, you know it’s better to just not hope for much. no complains here, but (most) people expected the arse to give a good footballing spanking to the pool. and it almost did. arse’s goal was a superb one touch counter play football that makes jamie carragher a lump of tard and the arse were unlucky not to grab all 3 points if not for the post or 2 wasted balloned rebound shots.

one thing that can be noted so clearly from this match is the difference in level of fitness between the 2 teams. for a team that emphasises on rotation and “freshness”, the pool players seemed to be very exhausted by the 75th minute wheres the arse who’s team players have been playing week in and week out still looks vibrant to the last minute. surprise?

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overheard on warna this morning

“siapakah angkasawan pertama malaysia?”

“dr. sheikh?”

“bukan. ayah pin.”

at least dia bukan tourist.

but best commented (so far)

Apparently the Malaysians have a real talent for being astronauts, since they’re really good at taking up space.

no offense, but that’s (very) fuhneh. oh light up a bit!

comedy central


mediacork / gahmen should send someone over to intern with fox news. the level of mediacork’s current comedic level still pales in comparison with foxeeeh creativity.

we must always be the best right? even in the worst of things.

but seriously, al-qaeda causing the wildfires! haha shito! i wonder if osama is building the largest water heater in the world right now that’s causing global warming. no wait! most probably he was the one who invented sars! no wait! someone just concluded that it is not arsene wenger who’s developing those brilliant young kids at arsenal, most probably it’s osama himself! but we doubt it’ll appear in fox news since soccuh ain’t that big enough statewise.

no wait! wait! wait! it gets better! it’s been really concluded that is is osama (really!) who disbanded simply red! most probably the ginger one could not handle enough trauma of having the world’s most wanted man supporting his favourite club. and that being a ginger. but seriously, does anybody knew the other members of simply red?

but we must doubt that osama created this!

oh it’s blasphemous! if not.

ping pong playa

this is odd. i’m really glad that ‘pool lost this morning. for what it matters, ending bottom of the group and (hopefully) getting kick out from europe altogether is the best thing to occur thus! leaving ample time and energy to concentrate the domestic league. please!

+ sarip’s favouritest song of the year has been pimped up. this version is super fabber!

+ now who will ever predicted this but robert downey jr as a supahero? not concerned much ’bout the movie but the trailer is mak datok best pasal ada lagu iron man kugiran cik ozzy.

+ and also, i am legend looks like a show when a pursuit of happyness had an illicit affair with 28 days later what with the empty streets of n.y. still, the will ripples with muscles.

+ talking about a pursuit of happyness, my forever qualms of being the richest mat in the kampung has always met variable success. aparently so. but! this article is a good read to. start. all. over. again.

In summation, don’t fall for the schemes or simply try to “look” rich. You can obtain tangible wealth, but it usually requires work, a respect of money, and time. That is what most millionaires do; need I say more.

+ what’s wrong with food nowdays? fried mars lah, fried coke lah and now ramen with ice cream! holy cow! the sight itself can make me puke a gajillion times.

link via boing boing

+ anyway, it’s been fun! fun! fun! during this one week of holidays. no students mean no menyenyeh left right top bottom (!?). and apa lagi, it’s fun and games satu minggu all! kalaulah macam gini all the way, makan ular and everything…

hari ini di parlimen

menteri angkat menteri, encik tak boleh tah an, pada hari ini telah mengulaskan bahawa penal kod tiga tiga tuju A akan tetap dijalankan di singa pura pura memandangkan imej negara ini mungkin dicemari. beliau menyatakan bahawasanya jikalau pemerintah tidak menjalankan lagi kod tiga tiga tuju, singa pura pura mungkin akan menghadapi tekanan ekonomi yang lebih buruk kerana ramai lelaki tidak akan kawin dan terus asik nak main dengan kaum sejenis dan sewaktu dengannya. beliau menekankan lagi bahawasanya tindakkan untuk meneruskan rang undang ini adalah untuk kebaikkan moral entiti untuk semua rakyat. beliau runsing jikalau undang ini tidak dijalankan lagi ramai mat rempit tidak akan beli dan repair motor tetapi lebih cenderong memasukki bidang makcik makcik seperti bidang mak andam dan mungkin akan meruntuhkan bisnes fatema mohsin.

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