sleeper and tha cpf

i’ve been growin super tired lately that i can’t open my eyes when the clock strikes 4pm. i can sleep almost anywhere without bothering much of the surroundings. worst of all, i’ve become one of those “funny looking sleeping people on mrt trains who tend to get their heads knocked on the glass panel”. used to be funneh, not now apparently. padan muka aku.

what’s going on man? i used to be so excited when work ends so that can merayap sana sini after that. not now, i am more excited to hit the bed as soon as possible. and weekends, oh puhleeeese. i am more in tuned with catching up on lost sleep than becoming the malam muda mudi kid. nah uh. i know, i know aku ni dah tua, but hellooooo….it’s still early age kan? i still remember my dad (his stories, entah betol ke tak) hit the swing life during his 30s. kena minum alicafe ataupun kopi jantan agaknyer tak?

so how liddat? becoming 30 and already not enough energy to sustain. how liddat gahmen? you said that ON AVERAGE people tends to live up to 82 and beyond nowadays so that’s why you guys implemented the new CPF ruling. incredible! i didn’t know the gahmen had set up a new geomaster-fortune-teller-tikam-tikam ministry that can agak agak how long its citizens will live. this is so minority-report-gattaca! we are so far ahead in terms of human evolutions that no wonder terroristas are not interested in landing on this land. what’s the point they may say. even if they do *something* they’ll know that it won’t be fruitful ‘cos the gahmen aka fortune-teller had told the world singaporeans will live up to 82. unless they target the old folks home lah. (i get it! it’s a whole big plan to make singapore more secure and to deter any terroristas from coming here! brilliant!)


oh well, i have to admit that new ruling just plainly, sucks. can i say that i don’t want to contribute to CPF then? aku simpan dalam akoun senoman lagi mulia siots!

*update: nmp siew kum hong detailed speech in parliament that will fall into deaf ears i belief.

ok calm down, calm down. let’s watch some old school kiddy clip.

or those wes anderson’s sell out commercials. quirky.

more here.


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