i don’t understand baseball. more so cricket. all this batty games can make my head go spinning nah nah nah. apa? wickets? runs? innings? apa dar dei….then the match can play damn the long one. but 2 things can make this to change (for the mo lah kan)

1. looking at the kids across the lab practicing their cricket right now seems to be very inspiring. macam tengok citer lagaan. uniform cricket stail mail jugak beb.

2. when barry bonds hit his record breaking home run, people went nuts chasing after the ball. and now one lucky person has managed to sell that ball for a whopping $752,467.20. tak terbegik hotdog tengok tuh?

anyways, it’s been a bad bad bad week in sports news, for me at least. ‘pool lost points, mclaren didn’t finish 1-2 and greg oden won’t be playing this year. it’s all downhill from here mans…

and by the way, natas was nuts! the only thing that we got were brochures, brochures and more brochures telling the same ‘ol same ‘ol. and the queue! omigod! how many korean trips do YOU need!?

next year if i were to put up a booth at natas, i’ll do my best to be the most unique promoter of all – 5d/4n at golok

sure fully book one.


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