match day 5: ‘pool vs pompey


match: well, it just had to happen. after the euphoria of the abundance of goals in the previous match, liverpool came back knocking down to earth with this one. rafa can blame that the international break disrupts his plans, but to me it is just a lame excuse for getting a bad result. liverpool did come close however with voronin hitting the bar early on but were fortunate that reina made a great penalty save albeit a weak kick taken by kanu. the only positive side that can be taken from this match is the apparent weakness that can be seen. ‘pool really needs a left-footed left back as arbeloa, decent as he is, seems to be restricted in his movement with the tendency to cut back rather than go to the byline. also this match was lost in midfield where alonso looking tired and sissoko was being sissoko again. oh well, it’s going to be the typical away liverpool trauma again like seasons past…

players: benayoun stood out early in the match with his direct running and enthusiasm. reina was superb in the penalty save but nothing much else. he has a tendency to hurt his own players though with finnan being the victim this time. voronin looks to be a real class act what with his superb control of the ball and sublime technique. of the lot that played, sissoko and crouch look the most disappointing. crouch does not possess any trait of a predatorand being the tallest of the lot could not muster a decent head of the ball. sissoko keeps losing the ball, tackles wrongly and keeps running astray. both him and crouch are substitutes at best and should only come on when ‘pool are winning a game and not trying to sustain one.

interesting note: if rafa said that he wants to rest his important players first, what is the deal of putting all his 3 trump cards late on the match? like what the commentator said, it’s a case of too little too late. what, the chances of a player not getting injured late in the game is not as much as early on? what bollocks.

man-of-the-match: none. except for reina for that bit part.

match rate: 5.5 /10

rivals update: slowly but sickeningly surely, manure is rising up the table what with 3 consecutive 1-0 victories. they’ve not found form but are still winning. dangerous signs there. but arsenal keeps up the winning momentum but one has to wonder how much energy has been sapped from them with those emotional victories.


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