match day 4: ‘pool vs derby


match: flurry of goals are never a trait of rafa’s play. but so far this week 10 goals have been scored by 7 different players. not bad at all. nice bit of rotation and tactical nous. however, one should also note that derby played horrendously bad and should not breathe a slight of expectation for the title. yet. it’s a nice delight to see babel score that exquisite piece of goal, dummying 2 derby defenders and a crisp shot into the net. the substitutions looked good and did not slow down the momentum of play. all in all, the current squad looked very good except for the dearth of numbers in central defense. that will be a cause of worry should any of hypia or agger suffers any injuries. fingers crossed.

players: pennant, again, looked exceptionally good today. his crosses, direct play, enthusiasm and control of the ball were excellent. there was one play that really caught the eye when he managed to keep the ball in play by just a few centimetres before going out of the field and STILL managed to keep the ball AND beat a defender. his harlem-globetrotters-no-look-pass to torres early in the first half was pure class. mascherano was excellent and bossing the centre of the field with his tackles and eye for the killer pass. his crunching tackle led to torres’ first goal. he should be starting matches more often to give that stability in midfield and defense. finnan looked like a rookie 20 year old galloping up and down the field. it’s a bit of a worry too should he be injured as there is no one yet in the squad that can cover for him and one should note that he’s already 30 and not much years will be left in him.

of all the lot and has been seen so far this season, kuyt was a disappoinment. totally. his selfish play and harried decisions caused a lot of lost possessions. it was quite a surprise that voronin came on for babel instead of him when all match long kuyt commited a lot of mistakes let alone influencing the game.

interesting note: this football channel really sucks to the stratosphere. i do not understand how starhub can steal money from us and proclaims that it’ll be better than espnstarsports. the host is boring and keeps smiling his chee-ko-pek grin, their guests are horrible and for goodness sake 10 minutes of the match was cut off and we had to listen to the droning talk of the 3 bubblegoonies. suddenly paul masefield seems more cerebral than these buffons from ten sports. bring back the espn team lah!

rivals update: one has to note that despite injuries and suspensions to its main players, despite playing horribly wrong, that manure have won their last 2 matches speaks of something. frickin’ buggers.

match rate: 7/10


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