this time tomorrow


everyone’s craving for wes anderson’s the darjeeling limited. even though he’s accused of making the same movie over and over again, somehow (somehow) it feels this will be a bit special what with this might be owen wilson’s (possibly) last appearance on screen. or just because sarip still loves his rushmorisms.

the trailer‘s soundtrack is pretty good, as always with the kinks ‘strangers’ and ‘this time tomorrow’ providing the perfect mood. good stuff.

and if any of you are interested, there is a prelude for the movie – hotel chevalier. it’s great because 1) beloved director; 2) free download on iTunes 3) natalie portman appears (briefly, tastefully) naked.


as always since we are not in ameleekah, we can’t download that even if it is for free. so thank sarip that he got this. nyeh.


mat on the moon

itu doctor dari messia dapat jugak gi ISS. sarip cakap tahniah kepada dia jadi mat space yang pertama! mungkin pasal lagu yang sarip tujukkan beberapa tahun lalu. huzzah! ribut aku rasa orang orang kat sana. artis-artis, datin-datin sama apa apa lagi lah misti macam tersenyum tersengih-sengih kalau terjumpa dia. pak lah mesti bangga tak agak agak aku rasa. mesti ada satu lagi slogan dia nak reka untuk letak ‘melayu boleh gi space!’

sarip tak jeles yang si doktor misti akan hidup senang wenang sampai bila bila. sarip actually bangga mans dia dapat naik…


ni cerita kluar terbliak di mata orang. entah, boleh jadi ni propaganda pihak orang barat nak buruk burukan orang kita. tapikan, kalau orang tengok betol betol dalam ni citer apa karenah si mamat ni nak tunjukkan? nak bilang satu dunia yang sidini hero superstar pasal dia nak langsungkan dia nye sembahyang lepas tuh pening tak tau nak tunjuk arah ke mana lepas tuh sampai buatkan 150 orang untuk bikin satu simposium nak ulangkaji fatwa baru dan macam macam lagi?

ok, kalau si mamat ni bingung tak tau camner apa kata jangan naik trus ajer? bagi orang lain naik. tak payah nak susah susahkan orang lain. kalau lah dia pun risaukan pasal ni perkara pun, tak payah bilangkan satu dunia apa dia nak buat? apa dia nak buktikan? jadi satu hari nanti satu emak boleh terpekik kat anak dia “ko apa nak jadi nih? ko tengok si doktor tuh, kat space pun dia sembahyang!!” seperti apa ada orang cakap, dunia nih bulat jadi walaupun kita memandang ke arah barat, kita orang technically ngah tuju ke angkasa kan? jangan bilang nanti kalau dia nak gi tinggal kat artik ataupun ke planet marikh dia nak bikin lagi satu simposium apa nak buat untuk tuju ke arah kiblat.

jadi begini doktor nak gi angkasa, jalankan sahaja ibadat kamu tuh. mekah terletak di dunia. kau ngah memandang ke dunia. habis cerita. if kau tak nampak jugak, pakai hubble telescope jadi boleh nampak terang benderang. other than that kalau ko alim sangat tak yah lah posing badan depan kamera angkat dumbell oraights?

dei, mumbai daa..indiiaaa..

there’s been some good commercials lately on local tv.

this one just reminds us of gwen doing his impersonation, if you get the drift. there is another one by the national health board (i think) that has the uncle yapping ‘later later’ which brought a few smiles. good stuff.

anyways, this device really made me wanting to keep cats again. my previous cats tend to do their business in the most inappropriate of places (like the back of the wardrobe and below the washing machine) . just fyi.

no fear

“…Nobody will blame us until we are 35 years from now, when the problem is here, then people will say, ‘What kind of Government did we have 35 years ago, never taking care of us today…’

– Tha Godfadja Lee, Straits Times 24th July

35 years from now, sarip sees why people are so dumb 35 years ago to believe something that has not happened but were just being hypnotized by words of fear. 2042 here we come!

we have to stop this fear for the future thing. i thought we were supposed to be living positively, yes?


same goes to rafa. just bloody well put on torres and not trying to put spikes on his bum for every league game. we do not want the champions league, we just want the premier league. don’t be greedy and wanting to have all when you can just concentrate on one which has been thirst by lots for so long.

the wabbit

ain’s potpot hiding under its pile during construction work.

geram aku.

anyways, geylang was as se-hardcore as wat i’d expected. anyways, if anyone saw sarip shout hi to him ‘cos he can’t see that well while trying to cuci his mata (adoi!) during bulan yang mulia ini.

the highlight definately was the ‘selat menyambut hari raya’ banner. maybe they don’t want to have the ‘mat’ in ‘selamat’.

how dare them!

by the way, the sunday times had this article to say that ‘grooming for sexual addicts’ will be considered as a crime. along those lines lah. this from someone who tried to curi baca in the mamak shop.

interesting move sarip says. the only irony was the newspaper was sitted next to hordes of scantily clad ladies (dayum!) on men’s magazines.

now is it just me or are double standard practices at stake here? if they’d decide to proceed with that law, shouldn’t magazines like fhm and maxim be taken off the stands too? (oh pls no!) the instinct tells ne not however, since mediacork publishing will definately lose a lot of income, yes?

so how will this law proceed then?

ah shucks. hopefully this law does not apply of having keira knightley being removed from local media.