the baby assassin


we “dislike” manyoo but if there is one thing that resembles anything “humane” about them, it was ole gunnar solskjaer. which was good. except on the few occasions when he scored against pool in the fa cup in ’96. or ’97. oh whatever. fact is, it sucked. and please don’t mention about that goal on that night in barcelona. it can drive someone insane. but other than that, solskjaer was one of the (few) decent human beings at manyoo. still can remember people were complaining “ole-and-ronnie-who?” in 96 in match magazine (we have no intuhnet in those days). fact is, those 2 were one of the final pieces of that ’99 team. buggers.

so it came as good/bad news that he’s retiring. like. right. now. fergie must be kicking himself nuts for selling alan smith. hah-hah!

zen habits has a great guide on frugal living. like, as if we don’t need more information on this. but it’s self comforting lah. šŸ™‚

what’s the deal with owen wilson’s suicide attempt yo? that’s sad.

maybe he should be getting some spicy popsicles to chill out…

and finally, this just got in. yeehaw!


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