siti of pusibilities

“Whatever the challenges, we will tackle them one by one and sail through.”
The Prime Minister – todayonline

…but if no wind, how?

in this city of possibilities:-

1. we can work work work till we are 65! recent research shows that the life expectancy here is about 80 years old. i won’t be surprised if that’ll be my retirement age.

2. we can never smell the bulk of our cpf savings! who needs all those lump sum of money we’ve earned after slogging for 30 years kan? just give us the “monthly” annuity ok loh.

3. upgrading for estates built before 1990! does this mean opposition wards will get one too?

4. income gap is widening! we can start with the discussion on the ministers’ pay first, can?

5. more singaporeans are asked to take up malay! does this apply to the malays too? we seem to lack behind in our own heritage leh. oh yah! suria and ch8 will collaborate like that! macam ally mcbeal crossover to the practice cam gituh.

6. no one will be left behind. who were all this while!? oh the travesty!

bersungguh-sungguh tokoh tokoh wakil melayu besar besarkan boss dia nye rapat umum. kadang kadang gua tengok diaorang bagi komen sampai macam nak tercekik diaorang punya samosa. rilek joy, rilek. tak yah lah bersungguh sungguh bagi komentar. tiap tiap tahun lu nya muka kluar, tiap tiap tahun lu cakap “bagus! bagus! untuk singapura!” samaaaaaaaa ajer gua tengok.


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