match day 2: ‘pool vs chelsea


match: everyone will be talking about that penalty, but let’s be honest people, ‘pool was totally disappointing after that goal. unlike chelsea who made better use of the ball, ‘pool’s distribution was utterly non existant. instead of passing the ball from defense to the flanks, ‘pool repeatedly keeps hoofing the ball forward for the forwards to chase a lost cause. this creates little buffer zones for the midfield to start their options while putting extra pressure for them to track back. i think i saw gerard making last ditch tackles in the box a couple of times. commendable, but, unneccessary in the first place.

rafa’s gameplan was irritatingly confusing. he keeps employing his faith in arbeloa and riise on the left while leaving out mascherano. he should’ve seen that riise cannot beat essien one on one and should’ve replaced him with babel early on. but babel came on for pennant who at that point of time was looking more dangerous with his runs and crosses. and when crouch came on for riise, it was unbelievable as there are no wingers to play on to when crouch works best when the crosses are coming in from the flanks.

players: torres was completely anonymous in the second half, possibly after getting a knock at the end of the first half. riise keeps slamming and bashing with no direct cause. the opportunity that he got in the second half was woefully missed when he could had taken his time and aimed, at least at goal. alonso was again unauthoritative, slow and keeps losing possession. gerard didn’t play his ‘a’ game and kuyt was running like a headless chicken.

interesting find: i’ve rarely heard anfield as dead as was yesterday.

man of the match: michael essien

rating: 6/10

the better news: the scum lost. šŸ™‚


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